Technology 2

Learning Intention:

Today we will discuss, investigate, reflect and comment about aspects of flight.

Key success Criteria:

# Accurately label the forces of flight

# Accurately label the planes

# Reflect on the effectiveness of the ‘flight games’

# Write an interesting fact on the padlet

Categories of Planes

Picture of plane with four forces

Four forces of flight

Identify the descriptive words that are associated with these words

Use the link – (Categories of Planes) to assist you.

1) Lift – ?
2) Drag – ?
3) Weight – ?
4) Thrust – ?

Name the category of plane a-d (comments)

a) Picture of Seaplane

b)  Picture of Boeing 747

c)  Picture of Concorde Jet

d) Picture of Space Shuttle

Games to enhance your understanding

The Plane Game

The Engine Game

Word Scramble


Reflections on the game – 

  1. Which game was the best and why?
  2. Which game help you learn about flight?
  3. Which game didn’t you enjoy and why?




Blog Post – Leonardo da Vinci


Create a blog post about Leonardo’s contribution to modern day flight.

1485 Leonardo da Vinci – The Ornithopter

Leonardo da Vinci's Ornithopter

Leonardo da Vinci’s Ornithopter

Leonardo da Vinci made the first real studies of flight in the 1480’s. He had over 100 drawings that illustrated his theories on flight.

The Ornithopter flying machine was never actually created. It was a design that Leonardo da Vinci created to show how man could fly. The modern day helicopter is based on this concept.

Flying Machines


40 thoughts on “Technology 2

  1. 1} lift is upward💯
    2} drag is backward💯
    3} weight is downward 💯
    4} thrust is forward💯

  2. 1) Lift – upward 💯
    2) Drag – backward💯
    3) Wieght – downward💯
    4) Thrust – forward💯

  3. 1) Lift – Upward💯
    2) Drag – Backward💯
    3) Weight – Downward💯
    4) Thrust – Forward💯
    A) General Aviation 💯
    B) Sibsonic💯
    C) Supersonic💯
    D) Hypersonic💯

  4. Name the category’s of the planes
    A) General Aviation 💯
    B) Subsonic💯
    C) Supersonic 💯
    D) Hypersonic💯

  5. I think the unscramble game was the best because it was fun to try to unscramble word’s and there was no engine game.

  6. Lift-upward 💯
    Drag- backward💯

  7. Name the categories of the planes
    A) General Aviation💯
    B) Subsonic 💯
    C) Supersonic 💯
    D) Hypersonic💯

  8. 1)lift-upwards 💯
    A)general aviation💯

  9. Lift-upward 💯
    Drag- backward💯

    (Kizzra helped-worked together)

  10. I think the plane game helped me the most about flight because he had lots of facts about flight.

  11. 1)Lift-upwards💯
    2) Drag-backwards💯
    3)Weight- downwards💯
    4)Thrust- forwards💯

    A)General Aviation 💯
    B) Subsonic💯

  12. unscrambled game was the best because you had to try to unscramble everything

    the worst was the plane game

    the one that made me learn was the plane game

  13. a) General Aviation 💯
    b) Subsonic 💯
    c) supersonic 💯
    d) hypersonic 💯

    (Kizzra helped- we worked together)

  14. 1) Lift – upward ✅
    2) Drag – backward✅
    3) Wieght – downward✅
    4) Thrust – forward✅

  15. a] seaplane/general avortation 💯b] Boeing 747/subsonic 💯c] concorde/supersonic [760-3500] 💯d] space shuttle hypersonic [3500-7000]💯

  16. Four Forces Of Flight
    1} lift – upwards💯
    2} drag – backwards💯
    3} weight – downwards 💯
    4} thrust – forwards💯

  17. Four Forces of Flight
    1} lift – upwards💯
    2} drag – backwards💯
    3} weight – downwards💯
    4} thrust – forwards💯

  18. 1) lift-upwards💯
    2) drag-backwards💯
    3) weight-downwards💯
    4) thrust-forwards💯

  19. 1) lift-upwards💯
    2) drag-backwards💯
    3) weight-downwards💯
    4) thrust-forwards’💯

  20. 1] lift is upward 💯2] drag is backwards 💯 3] weight downward 💯4] thrust is fowards💯

  21. Yes I love technology and very happy that it’s going to help me in my test because I want to try hader with my grades to improve from last year.

  22. Yes I enyoed it a lot and I’m very happy that it is going to help me in my test because I wasn’t going to know anything the test otherwise 👻

  23. The first plane there is a sea plane. Sea planes can hold up to 6 peaple and land on a river or just water in a clear space.

    The second plane is a bowing 747 that geaerly flys over the country and can hold up to around 524 passengers unlike a A380 that travels overseas with over 1000 passengers.

    The condor was the fastest plane that has ever being built. Unfortunately they have stopped making them due to the cost. The conidore was faster than the speed of sound and I close could breake glass and I would give it 5 star.

    Now the space shuttle. The shuttle is a very fast ship that can hold 4-7 passengers. It can take of from planes and other ships. I like it and all its details about it.

  24. a) Seaplane, general aviation💯. b) Boeing 747, subsonic. 💯c) Concorde, supersonic. 💯d) Space Shuttle, hypersonic.💯

    I enjoyed this type of learning and I like the plane game the best I believe it is the best way to learn about planes💖

  25. I think it will really help me study for the test and it also gained my knowledge of flight and types of flight as well as the forces of flight thrust,drag,weight,drag.

  26. The plane game, well I didn’t enjoy it and the game wasn’t helping my understanding. The engine game was the same game as the the plane game. The word scramble was fun but still none of the games helped my understanding.

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