Mean Median & Mode

Learning Intention – today you will learn the difference between the 3 M’s and be able to find the mean, median and mode.



Building Game

Dunk Tank

Mean, Median and Mode

11 thoughts on “Mean Median & Mode

  1. These games have helped me learn more about ‘Mean, Median and Mode’ as I didn’t know what they were at first. These games were a little hard to gather at first but I soon got the hang of them. 🙂

  2. I think the building game was quite fun and taught me the meaning of mean, median and mode. at the same time the mode part of it improved my skills in long division.

  3. I believe was the best way to learn these 3 m’s because it was the simpliest and the funest

  4. I liked the Dunk Tank game the most because not only was it fun but it help me learn what Mean,median and mode are.

  5. Revision

    The game that helped me the most was Dunk Tank because it talked about how to work out the answer for the question. The person speaking explained it really well and gave you clues that would help to work out the answer but didn’t give away the answer.

  6. I really liked the dunk booth game because it seemed really fun and worked my brain.

  7. i like dunk tank because it explaned how to do it how it works and every thing you can do.

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