Maths Homework

As always complete a reflection after each lesson

  1. What was the video/game?

  2. Did you enjoy it/Why or Why not?

  3. Did it improve your understanding of the concept? Yes/No Why?

Shape Maker

Complex Objects

Grid Map

Fraction Fiddle

14 thoughts on “Maths Homework

  1. I liked the tips for carrying out maths operations video because I was struggling on my division and long multiplication.

  2. I think i liked the multiple,divide,subtract and add video it really did teach me something bit differently not the fishball game i just didn’t get to or figure out how to work it at all.

  3. the video did help me know that i had to also repadtlytry to trade like the 9000-56 that was the oe that i did’t know that you had to do that THANK YOU SO MUCH MRS JOHNSON !

  4. shape maker
    I enjoyed it because it really made me think about it for a while.
    I did improve the concept of the game over time because when I got it wrong I reflected on it and I got it.

  5. complex objects
    I didn’t enjoy it because it is the exact same a shape maker
    I did understand the concept because it the exact same as shape maker

  6. grid map
    I did enjoy it because I like to do grid maps in a grid book.
    I did understand the concept because I practice at home some times.

  7. The game is good cause i can learn more things in it,like cylinder,sphere and another shape.

  8. fraction fiddle
    I didn’t enjoy it because you only got to go up to 3 hole and all. you do is fiddle around.
    I didn’t get the concept because all it was is comparing fractions.

  9. the four rules
    I did enjoy it because it taught me something new which is the four rules
    I sort of got it because she was just talking about it for 7minutes non stop and I zoned out

  10. Grid map
    I liked it because I like the grid map subject in class and it will help me read a map.

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