Maths Homework Extension

As always complete a reflection after each lesson

  1. What was the video/game?

  2. Did you enjoy it/Why or Why not?

  3. Did it improve your understanding of the concept? Yes/No Why?

The Mass



24 Hour Time


WishBall with Thousandths

3 thoughts on “Maths Homework Extension

  1. 1. The Mass and Length
    2. I did not enjoy this game because it was hard for me.
    3. No because it was hard for me to understand

  2. 1.The addition subtraction for fractions
    2. i liked it because one part the quick subtraction part when she borrowed from the whole number i didn’t know you could do that so that was really awesome
    3. It did because it helped with addition and subornation for fractions.

  3. the mass
    I did enjoy it because it really made you use your brain.
    I did understand it because you had to divide it in to the groups and know how many ml are in one l and how many mm in a km.

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