Term 2 Week 1


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In Episode 1, โ€œKatieย Discovers the Dip,โ€ Katie learns about a common challenge that faces everyone when learning a new skill

  1. What is a dip?
  2. Where/what situations might we encounter a dip?
  3. What kind of emotions accompany a dip, and how can we stay positive?
  4. Give an example of a dip you have faced encountered.
  5. Using Doodle buddy draw your dip, add comments if you wish. Upload with an explanation to your blog.

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72 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 1

  1. 1} A dip is when you find yourself in a situation when you get really exited about something and when you find out that you have to read or show the class or school and you give up

    2} You would encounter a dip at school when we do public speaking or getting a grade spoken out spoken out at school.

    3} Emotions in a dip would be scared and helpless. To stay positive so tell yourself you can do it and your parents shouldn’t care as long as you try.

    4} A situation for me when I encountered a dip was actually this year a couple of days ago when we first learned how to do long division and I came in the middle of that class so I was very confused.

  2. 1) When you face different emotions trying to figure out how to succeed in a challenge.

    2) Facing new challenges and going on a roller coaster concerning a fear.

    3) Sadness,anger,disappointment by focusing on the things you are good at.

    4) When trying to do the loom bands and I can not get it right

  3. 4)Give an example of a dip you have faced encountered. I have tried and tried to ride a bike until I finally start going somewhere then I achieve my goal of riding a bike.

  4. 1} A dip is when you get really excited about something at the start of something and when you get the chance to do that you feel like you should give up.

    2} An dip when you might encounter is when you will start a musical instrument and then you think you are bad and you might want to give up.

    3} You might feel like you want to give up and you can stay positive by doing many things including, practising what it is you are trying to do and getting something to cheer you up.

    4} One of my dips is when I got a music piece for my clarinet and that piece I had to do for a test. So I tried and tried again and I felt like I giving up, but after a couple of days I finally got it one day before the test. I was so relived!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 1) It is when you are so excited about going further and further up but then you notice that there is more to go and it becomes way harder so you just think of giving up.

    2) When you think you’re finished with all that you have done and are so excited about it but then you find out that there is even more harder things on the way and you decide to give up.

    3) You are beginning to get annoyed with the fact that there is a whole lot more to go, but to keep positive and you should think about how happy you would feel when you finish and how relieved you would be!

    4) A dip I have been to is when me and my family were camping and there was a sand hill so we climbed it and when we got to the top, we realized there was another EVEN BIGGER hill to go! I was especially relieved to get to the top!

  6. 1) A dip is when you are doing something that you really want to do and you try your hardest and you can’t do it so you feel really annoyed and sad and angry because you can’t do what you want to achieve.

    2) You might encounter sadness and loneliness and get really angry.

    3) Sadness, loneliness, anger and feel like no use.

    4) My birthday was around two weeks ago and I got roller shoes I thought it would be really easy and fun to do but then as I started to use them and it was really hard I thought I would never be able to do it and I asked my older brother to help me and he said sure and he is helping me but I still can’t do it YET

  7. 1) a dip is when you try something new and are really excited about doing it, but get frustrated (that’s the dip)

    2) when we try something new.

    3) the emotions you may encounter may include frustration and sadness.

    4) a dip I have encountered in the past was with when I first started dance extension, I didn’t quite understand.

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