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Sand is a solid that you find at beaches or in deserts. It is the result of stone that has eroded.

Sand is a solid because each grain of sand is just a very small solid that can hold its shape. When it is poured, the small grains of sand pile up on each other to form a small hill and not a flat surface. Furthermore, it does not completely fill the container like a liquid. While it may appear to do this, there are in fact lots of small spaces between the grains of sand. Each grain of sand is unable to flow to fill these small spaces. As a result, we can carefully pour water into a container of sand without spilling anything over the edge. We are able to do this because water is a liquid that can flow and fill the small spaces between the solid grains of sand.

Sand is a solid that appears to act like a liquid when, in actual fact, it does not.

  1. Since you can pour sand into a cup, why isn’t it a liquid?

2) You can’t usually see gases in the air. How can you observe gases without seeing them?

3) Can you feel water in the air? Explain your answer.

4) Does air have a mass? Explain your answer.

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  1. 1) Just because you can pour sand into a cup it does not mean that it is a liquid. It is not a liquid because there are small tiny spaces in between the grains of sand which is why if you fill a cup of sand with water it won’t overfill.

  2. 1)It isn’t a liquid because all the grains of sand are separate, and there is heaps of small spaces between the grains of sand.

  3. 1)
    Sand isn’t a liquid because sand is tiny grains which don’t fill all the space so it is a solid.

  4. 1) Because each sand grain is a tiny solid and the molecules of a solid are tightly packed and are unable to move allowing the sand to stay together in a small enough group to fill a container.

  5. 1) Sand isn’t a liquid because there are lots of small spaces inbetween each grain where as liquids fill up each space completely and there are no gaps.

  6. 1) sand is not a liquid because a peace of sand has grains in it and does not take up all the space of a container.

  7. Each little bit is a solid
    You can see steam so we have to believe
    You can not feel it in gran rally unless rain or you are in the clouds

  8. 2) To observe a gas without without seeing it you could blow up a balloon and let out the air and see how the balloon deflates.

  9. 1) sand is a solid because it can hold it shape an does not flow like water it stays it shape no matter what the conditions of the temperature is can not be turned into a liquid no matter what the temperature.

  10. 1) Sand isn’t a liquid since there are lots of small spaces in between each grain.They are solids (rocks and shells) that have been eroded into something smaller (sand)

  11. 1) sand is not a liquid because sand is made out of little grains and when you pore it into a glass they’re little gaps between four or five grams which acts like rocks.

  12. 2)2)you could either add food colouring to whatever you’re creating a gas out of, because you can’t exactly observe something that you can’t see.

  13. 1) because if you look very close you can see little mini squares and they are a solid but there is lots of them so they all pour

  14. 1)because grains of sand aren’t liquid they are solid it may feel like a liquid but they are solid. so that is why you can put sand in a glass and poor water in it and it won’t come out.

  15. 3) Yes, you can feel water in the air because if you jump in a puddle of water it splashes and you can feel it. Also using a hose you can feel the water aswell.

  16. 1. Sand isn’t a liquid because it is stone that has eroded. Sand is small bits of eroded rock that can hold it’s place.

  17. 3)
    You can’t because all the water is stored inside the cloud you would only be able to feel water in the air if you were inside the cloud.

  18. No, because it is called avaperation, that’s when water gets carried by the clouds so another day it will rain again.

  19. 2)By blowing up a balloon, is a way to observe gas without seeing it because if the balloon gets bigger it means gas is filling it causing it to expand.

  20. 2) we know that oxygen exists because we breath it in. We also know that carbon dioxide exists because it is the gas that we breath out not in.

  21. 4) Yes, air does have a mass as we proved in our science experiment. By dropping two different sized balloons from 1 metre high.

  22. Sand is rock and rock is a solid so you can’t make sand.You can’t heat rock up and make it a liquid.

  23. 1) Although sand acts like a łiquid it is a solid because sand is just many tiny broken up rocks which are easily visible through a magnifying glass. An example of how sand acts like a liquid is the way it flows, but is actually just rolling grains. It is SOLID!😆

  24. if you blow up a balloon if you put a little air it won’t be big but if you put a lot of air in it will be big

  25. 2) You could maybe feel it. You could do this by feeling the wind because wind blows the air which creates wind.

  26. 3). Depending on whether the water has just evaporated or not. If it has then you will be able to feel slight mists but if it evaporated a while ago you can’t feel anything.

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