Week 8


  1. Which ‘instead of’ of statements’ do you catch yourself thinking or saying?
  2. How will you train your brain to use ‘Try Thinking’?


Reading Skill – Making Inferences


Target Table x8

Tricks to learning the 8’s

17 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. The eight times table trick is cool and I showed my mum and dad, dad said he knew the trick already but mum didn’t know the trick. The videos are great and helps me learn my times tables and helps me improve my scores.

  2. Growth Mindset
    1) * This is to hard
    * I just can’t do this
    2) I will learn from my mistakes

  3. Mindset

    1) it’s good enough

    2) make a habit of using it, i.e. keep telling myself those things.

  4. 1)
    🔹this is too hard
    🔹I just can’t do this
    🔹I give up
    🔹this may take some time
    🔹mistakes help me to learn

  5. Growth Mindset
    1) ‘I’m not good at this’, ‘my friend can do it’, ‘I’ll never be that smart’

    2) I will train my brain to use ‘try thinking’ by changing my mindset.

  6. The ‘Instead of thinking’ quote that I could realate to was ‘It’s to hard’,’It’s good enough’, and ‘I can’t make this any better’. We can train our brains to be like ‘Try thinking’ by looking back over your work.

  7. 1) instead of I can’t do the dance think I can’t do the dance yet.

    2) I will do this by practicing the dance at home and at school.

  8. The instead of= my friend can do it

    I will train my brain to remember this by practising every night for 5mins

  9. 1) I will never be that smart and I give up
    2) I will listen and learn so I will say I am that smart or I am getting there also I will try again.

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