School Induction 2016


Year 2-6 student leaders : student council, school/vice captains, service cpts, librarians, flag monitors, etc

A) What qualities should a leader demonstrate?
B) Can anyone be a leader?
C) Does a leader need a badge?

5J Student Council Rep 2016


6 thoughts on “School Induction 2016

  1. A)respect, responsibility, courage, compassion
    B)Yes because we can all be role models
    C)No because it matters if you do the right thing not showing off that you have a badge

  2. 1) Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Compassion
    2) Yes, anyone came be a leader because we can all show guidance and learn from each other
    3) No, because you don’t need a bage to be a leader you just need to have the 4 key virtues

  3. A) respect, responsibility, courage and compassion .
    B) Yes, we can all show the school Moto.
    C) No, as long as you can follow the school virtues and all the you don’t need one.

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