Week 5

Narrative Story

Puppet Pals App -> ย Record Narrative -> Save Show -> Export (photo Galley) -> Upload to your blog.

x5 Table – what is your learning goal?


Quote of the Week


Create 5 questions about this quote.

Class Dojo – MindSet

29 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. The class dojo mindsets really makes me think about how the brain works and how our neurones connect but it does help me in school because it makes me want to learn more and do more.

  2. 1) What does the quote mean?
    2)what does shine out of your face means?
    3)how does this relate to you?
    4)what does look lovely mean?
    5)what good thoughts do you have?

  3. 1) What does this mean?
    2) What does it mean by sunbeams ?
    3) What do you think about this?
    4) How does this make you feel?
    5) Do you enjoy this quote?

  4. 1) What does this quote mean?
    2) How does this quote relate to you?
    3) Who is Roahl Dahl?
    4) How does this make you feel?
    5) Do you have any good thoughts?

  5. Quote of the week.
    What does it mean?
    Is it true?
    How do you do this quote?
    Can we make our own quotes?
    Is everyone capable of doing this quote?

  6. 1) how does this quote relate to you?
    2) what does this mean?
    3) how does this quote make you feel?
    4) who is Roald Dahl?
    5) do you have any good thoughts?

  7. What does this mean?
    Why does it say like sunbeams?
    Why out of our face and not some where else like your arms or legs?
    Why will you look lovely?

  8. 1) What does this mean to you?
    2) what is it about?
    3) How does this make you feel?
    4) who is Roald Dahl?
    5) Is this important?

  9. 1) does this quote relate to you? How?

    2) what do you think the quote means?

    3) do you think you have good thoughts? What are they?

    4) what does Roald Dahl mean by this?

    5) how would / will live up to this quote

  10. 1)What if you have good thoughts at first and then you have bad thoughts will you look bad after you have already looked good?
    2)Will you still look lovely with good thoughts if you are over 99 years old?
    3)What is a quote?
    4)Do you know who Roald Dahl is?
    5) Do you like to read his books? (I do!)

  11. This week I liked the narrative stories we got to wright and the puppet pals I also enjoyed the dojo mindset because it encourages people to keep trying but just not people but also me.

  12. My favourite task is English because I can use my creativity to make good stories ( I like making stories.)

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