English Skills Practice

Phonic Focus

Long a’ – failure, obey, weight, layout

long e’ geometry, receive, comedy, police

Long i’ ¬†kaleidoscope, dyed, tighten


can’t – cannot

hasn’t – has not

it’s ¬†(it is, it has)

I’d ( I would) (I had)



Simile Quiz



10 thoughts on “English Skills Practice

  1. This week I learnt:
    ~What phonics are
    ~How to use similes correctly and how to wright them
    ~That most adverbs end in ly

  2. I learnt about a lot of different types of adverbs, similes and much more. I think this will help me in the future when I do narratives and English skills.

  3. I learnt many things including how to use adverbs properly and what a simile is.
    This will help me be an author when I grow up (well maybe)

  4. I learnt that adverbs mostly end n ly. Because I wasn’t sure what an adverb was so the video we watched helped a lot in English.

  5. I learnt a lot of different English skills. This will help me in the future when I’m writing narratives and doing our English skills booklet.

  6. I learn many things including how to use things properly like adverbs and similes.

    This helped and will help me beacause if I get stuck on a question about I can think back and remember everything I learn and I’ve got a better change of getting it right.

  7. I learned how to use adverbs and how it works and it told us how to use them for example


  8. I learnt about a lot of things such as contractions and similes and adverbs and verbs and nouns and common nouns and collective nouns and more!
    It helps me in my English skills and makes it easier to get 20/20 on the test more and more!

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