Does it Matter?

1) Identify (name&draw) the 5 states of matter?

2) Explain Phase Change 1 (diagram&label)

3) Show Phase Change 2 (word diagram)

4) Using Tellagami explain Chemical to Physical Change

Solids & Liquids Game

Resources to assist you

States Of Matter

Facts about States of Matter

BrainPop – States of Matter

Classifying Solids & Liquids

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  1. Hey Ms Johnson! High school is pretty good. Yet I am still trying to make new friends, plus Erich and Luke are having a good time to. Abbey and Si Si are in my form class which is good because I had someone I knew.Everything is great so far and high school has not been that hard, well at least not as hard as it was in your class (yet, anyway) :). All the best for the new year!!!

    I wander how my ‘old’ class are doing?

  2. Hi Mrs Johnson I have some very exiting news Grayson and I are doing 4 eisteddfods.Two in Brisbane one Gold Coast and one in Sydney!
    I also have some more exciting news we are look at maybe a trip to Japan because some we can go skiing!!!

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