Week 4

Quote of the Week


1) What does this week’s quote mean to you?

2) Can you explain each part of the quote?

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 Growth Mindset

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16 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. Mum said that she’s having trouble commenting on my blog and says that she can only reply to the comment that grandma posted, I’m not sure weather she’s worked it out yet or not but if she hasn’t do you have any idea on how to work it out? Thanks😺😺

  2. Hello Ms Johnson is your migraine better. High school is fun and so was Japan but I did get a migraine while I was there. My blog has seemed to disappear do you know we’re it is. Hope you had a good holiday.

  3. Hi Rory 🙂 I went through cleaning up some of the blogs on the weekend. If you still want a blog you can create your own at Edublogs.org. I’m glad you enjoyed Japan! Aj really wants to go!

  4. 1) I think the quote means if you do all of those things you will have a healthy life.
    2) eat well- eat healthy food
    Move daily- exercise every day
    Hydrate often- drink at least three bottles of water a day
    Sleep lots- get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night
    Love your body- if you look after your self you will love your body
    Repeat for life- repeat these things every day and your life will be happy

  5. It means to stay healthy and fit
    (1 eat healthy and have all breakfast lunch dinner
    (2 to do exercise
    (3 to drink lots
    (4 to sleep for at least 11 hours
    (5 look after your body daily and keep strong

  6. Quote of this week
    Don’t eat sugar
    Run around and be healthy
    Drink lots
    Recharge every day
    Love yourself
    And do forever

  7. I think this quote means that if you do all the things the quote you will live a happy life.

    Eat well = eat healthy be healthy
    Move daily = move more do more
    Hydrate often = drink lots of water
    Sleep lots = Of you sleep for 10-12 hours a day you will be able to do more in life
    Love your body = every ones different
    Repeat for life = if you do all these things you will be happy

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