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Young Diggers

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  1. Gallipoli 3D: Being ordered to die is a very scary thing to say and experience, the men and women who witness that question being asked to them must be very, very brave and strong. I feel for the families who have to get the news that their mother, father, daughter, son etc have died in the horrible world war 1.
    The men and women who fought for us in the world war 1 are very brave and strong!

  2. # Gallipoli 3D – I through the 3D video was very interesting and informing about the first day at Gallipoli for the Australians.

  3. The Gallipoli 3D was a good experience to watch because it showed Gallipoli war in a way it was enjoyable but educational at the same time

  4. Gallipoli~ The video was very realistic and was very detailed, it showed us lots of scenes from the war and it was very interesting to watch.

  5. Gallipoli 3D: It was educational and showed us what happend during World War 1 and how tough it was to be living in those condidtions. Australia didnt have the upper hand most of the time which lead to thousands of deaths and even more soldiers wounded. It showed the battle plans of each side and how they went wrong due to a lack of time. In the video the enemy had some strategies that lead to death of many soldiers such as ordering there soldiers to suicide themselves to slow down the Australians. It gave us more info about why we commemorate this day and how important it is to respect and remember they have to fight for Australias freedom.

  6. In Anzac 3d, I thought it was extremely dramatic when I heard that the general ordered his soldiers not to fight but to die. Personally I thought that It would be better if the soldiers hid behind both troops, let them progress a little and then shoot them from behind. I also personally would not follow the order to stand there and die but to be killed while fighting for my country not standing around for it pop

    Rory : Very interesting it explains everything what happened in world war I
    Erich : It was very interesting because it explained the detail of the battle in Gallipoli 🙂

  8. # Australia War Memorial – When I went to Canberra the War memorial was interesting and we learnt a lot about the war, ships and cars.

  9. 1)Very educational and interesting helps you understand why rememberance day is so important to Australians. We have have very thank full that soldiers were told to just stand there and wait till they die to make Australia a free country.

  10. 2) Australia War Memorial – I went to Camberra and one of the activities was to go to the war memorial and it was interesting seeing all of the soilders names written on the wall and the graves

  11. it is helpful because it tells us why it is a special day to Australians and how they suffered during World War One

  12. E.H.S.S Ceremony: The ceremony today was the same as every year but listening to all the soldiers say their speeches and watch them solute to their country was interesting and it made me proud that these men and women had fought for us, not for themselves but us, our freedom. I feel for all the family’s who have lost loved ones because of war but we have to remember that they fought for a good reason.

  13. Gallipoli- The Gallipoli 3D showed our Australian and New Zealand soldiers that fought against Ottomans in Gallopili. But in the end we lost to our enemy and lost thousands of our own troops. It showed what happened in that battle and gave us an understanding of why we do Anzac Day and Remeberance Day.

  14. E.H.S.S Ceremony: I am also proud of A.J and Sam for getting up on stage and reading a very important speech to the school. Good Job Guys!

  15. The Australian war memorial was an interesting experience and some parts were interrative and fun but other parts were very sad like the displays that showed what happened on the war field a part that was extremely sad for me was seeing all the names of the people who fought for our country.

  16. Gallipoli- The video was very detailed and very interesting to watch, we found it very interesting that people were asked to be killed, the men and women were very brave people.

  17. 2) It was amazing seeing all of the war photos and things they used during the world war 1 and all of weapons and everything used in world war.

  18. Australia War Memorial: In the memorial we saw the wepons they used and how heavy and hurtful it would to carry them around during war. The vehiecles they used and how efficient their designs were for them such as a jeep that had a V shape on the bottom of the car so that explosions would not flip the car. We also experinced what it was like to be in a trench and how horrible it was to be living in those condidions, there was also a dieses that was called Trench Foot. We learnt the tactics of the Australians and how effective they were such as throwing coloured smoke into the enemy so they would put their gas mask on and that would reduce their vision so the Australians could attack without being noticed. We also had a ceromony at the end of the tour to see the thousands of names on the walls that would make most people cry knowing all these soldiers fought for your freedom.

  19. it tells us the traditions that Australians do on rememberence day and how we are thankful to all the diggers for there 8 months hard work digging

  20. Australian War Memorial- This passage was written explaining why Remembrance Day is important to Australians and their family’s.

  21. Australian War Memorial- It is explaining why Remembrance Day is a significant day to lots of countries because at 11:00a.m. 11th of November, 1918 the World War 1 ended. The Remembrance Day is important and it also tells us about the traditions on that day and tells us about the past and we give one minute silence at 11a.m. on Remembrance Day.

  22. # Young Diggers – The young diggers fought hard for our country today. We have a free country and we are very fortunate for those diggers who fought for our country and fought for us.

  23. I went to the war memorial when we went to Canberra we got to go on a walk through activity where you can put on costumes and press buttons, learn not only what people in war did on the battle field but what the families did at home, got to see what a trench would be like. I even got to smell what A gas bomb would have smelled like, it smelled disgusting like old farts, mustard and rotten eggs!!!

  24. The young diggers post was mostly about the 2 minutes of silence and reflecting on those who fought for our country many years ago

  25. The EHSS ceremony was good except for when the sound of the person speaking was very soft and I could not hear the person speaking very much.

    Rory : educational, historical and had dates and events. 😉
    Erich : The Australian war memorial was educational, historical and it has many memories, tradition and respect. 🙂

  27. we thought the ceremony was very engaging and we respect the effort that the soldiers from World War one put in to protect our country from the war and for us to have a better life.

  28. Young Diggers: I think that the two minute silence that we do every year is paying a lot of respect to the men and women who fought in the war for us.
    It shows that we care for them and we support them.
    I don’t agreemthat men and women should fight and be violent just to have peace but it is nice to know that young mean and women fight for us .

  29. 3) young solider shows and explains what happens on rememberance day and what it feels like when they fight during world war 1.

  30. E.H.S.S ceromony: We learnt more about our fellow defence students and parents at our school and how there is about 10% of students that have defence parents. It was very inspiring and made us think that how important this day actually is for the whole of Australia.

  31. Australian War Memorial:
    The Australian War Memorial presents the story of wars that were fought by Australian soldiers. The first story was when the Australians fought the Germans. It explains information about the Australian soldiers and army.

  32. The young diggers Elle us what people do as tradition on rememberance day and the story of the young diggers.

  33. EHSS Ceremony, the ceremony was a great thing because we took time out of our day to rember the people who went to war for us and our country and seeing some of the parents of mums and dads in the defence force.

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