Quiz of the Week

1) What is 3 cubed?
2) Which plant does the giant panda usually feed on?
3) In which city were the 2000 Olympic Games held?
4) The Great Wall of China was built before Christ was born. True or False?
5) What is missing from this sentence?
” Are you going to the party’ she asked.
6) MVEMJSUNP are the first letters of the nine ….?
7) In which sport do countries compete for the America’s Cup?
8) What is the perimeter of a square with 8-m sides?
9) Is’Windows ’98’compatible with IBM-compatible or Apple Computers?
10) The male reproductive organ of a flower is called the st..?

113 thoughts on “Quiz of the Week

  1. 4) The correct answer is false.
    5) ” Are you going to the party?”
    6) Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

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