Mould Take II

Mould Q & A

If a mushroom is not a plant, what is it? Discover a group of living things that are neither animals nor plants. Explore the mysterious world of fungi and find out the conditions that they need before they can grow.

1) Have you ever seen mould growing on bread?

1a) How does it get there?           1b) Where else might mould grow?

1c) Mould is a fungus.     1d) Do you know any other types of fungi?

2) How does Nick use the example of green-leafed plants to explain that mushrooms are not plants?

2a) What do fungi feed on?      2b) Can you list six different types of fungi?

2c) What part of living fungi are mushrooms?    2d)Why does a mushroom produce spores?

3) Explain to someone else what you know about fungi. You may want to focus on mushrooms. Include what you know about the conditions they thrive in. Explain how we know they are not plants.

4) Find out more about spores and how fungi use spores to reproduce.

2 thoughts on “Mould Take II

  1. Video is awesome, lots and lots of information as well as some humor. Can’t wait for the next lesson love this subject (Mould) . (definitely better than Plants)

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