Quiz of the Week

Did you know?

1) Take 64 from 99.

2) The skunk defends itself with a fluid that has a really bad o….?

3) What does the abbreviation ‘Inc’ stand for?

4) In 1989, protests in Tiananmen Square turned ugly when authorities in which country massacred over 1500 people?

5) How many consonants are there in the word ‘python’?

6) What is a slow moving river of ice called?

7) Excluding the bullseyes, how many numbers are on the dartboard?

8) How many hours are there between 4pm Monday and 1pm Tuesday?

9) In computer jargon, RAM stands for Random Access …?

10) Flowers bunched together are called¬†and pronounced ‘boo-kays’ Spell this correctly.

114 thoughts on “Quiz of the Week

  1. Skunks:
    Skunks eat nuts, berries, insects, small rodents, snakes and grubs.
    Skunks live in North America, Mexico and even Canada but most grubs are found in North America.

  2. Hi Ms Johnson!
    I’m sorry I don’t remember how to insert pictures in to my blog.
    You know like what you do.
    can you please explain this to me.


  3. Hi Grayson, add media. If you are working on an iPad sign into your account. Click the 3 lines on the top left hand side. click Post + to add photos. Let me know how you go.

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