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  1. Hell0 Miss Johnson, what do we have to have in our profile we are making for our character in Manga ???
    Regards Ashleigh 🙂

  2. Hi Ashleigh, Portfolio Pages

    • Title page – Include the name Manga and a brief description of what makes Mange a unique form of art.
    • Manga samples pages – Manga faces, eyes, bodies, hair, clothing & any other selected features
    • Character profile page – a profile of an imaginary Manga character
    • Character page – Full page view of character
    • Comic strip page – Involving your imaginary character – 3 to 6 panels in length

  3. Hi Ms Johnson.
    In our sample pages (for Manga Art) it says to draw bodies. Can that just be parts of the body ( such as head, the neck and chest.) because I am having trouble finding a full body, and when I do they are way to complicated to draw.

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