Write down three things you want to hear from

A parent
A teacher
A friend

16 thoughts on “You

  1. Erin
    1) I love you
    2) let’s move back to Ireland
    3) support to become president
    1) Your the best student in the world
    2) You got good grades in your report card
    3) I believe in you
    1) Your the bestest friend I could ever have
    2) you have a purpose
    3) Hi
    Si Si
    1. We will visit China more often.
    2. How are you
    3. You have a great purpose
    1. Good effort
    2. It’s fine.
    3. You have good grades.
    1. You are one of the greatest friend.
    2. Hi
    3. I’m going to help you.

  2. Parent
    1) We will stop fighting
    2) I love you
    3) I’m the best
    1) Your doing well
    2) To tell me how to improve
    3) Have a good day
    1) I’ll be there for you
    2) Thanks mate
    3) You can be on my team

  3. Parent~ That I’m doing great and that they love my.
    Teacher~ How my progress is going and how I need to inprove with my learning
    Friend~ That they will be best friends for ever, and to comment on how my sports are going!

  4. What I want to hear from a teacher-
    1) your work is going really well
    2) you can have 10 quality works
    3) you are the best student ever☺️😇

  5. A teacher –
    That there is no School for a year.
    A parent –
    That we don’t have to go to School.
    A friend – That I am awesome.

  6. parents
    1. I love you
    2. don’t change how you are
    3.everthing will be ok in the end
    1. show me how to improve
    2. be funny
    3.keep working
    1your a good friend
    2 don’t argue
    3 hi mate

  7. What I want to hear from a parent-
    1) your my favourite
    2) you can do anything
    3) you can have whatever you want☺️👍🏽

  8. Parent~ Your doing great, I will always love you, your doing great in your sports.
    Teacher~ Poppy your progress is going great, you are inproving with your learning,your a good student.
    Friend~ Your my best friends for ever, your doing great in your sports, would you like to play with us!

  9. parent
    1) I love you
    2) I don’t have work today
    3) hi
    1) your the most incredible amazing top student I have ever met!
    2) hi
    3) who’s your day
    1) are you okay?
    2) your the best
    3) hi

  10. Bradyn
    Teacher- you are the best student,your awesome, home time.
    Friend-Come play with me, Your my best friend,
    Parents-Your the best child

  11. Parent)
    1) ‘Do you want Abbey to come round?’
    2) ‘Do you need some help?’
    3) ‘Do you want to go to the Uk?’

    1) ‘You are the best student I have ever had!’
    2) ‘You are going to A’s in every subject!’
    3) ‘Graduation is not going to be a pizza party!’

    1) ‘You are my best friend’
    2) ‘You’re so awesome’
    3) ‘You are a great friend’

  12. Kyle
    Parent – 1. I’ll be there with you. 2. Have a great day at school
    Teacher – 1. I’ll help you. 2. You have good grades. 3. There is no more school for iternity
    Friends- 1. You can join our game 2. Your an awesome friend.

    Parent- I will be there wen you need me. 2. I love you.have a great day at school
    Teacher-1. You are the best student ever. 2. Your grades are going up. 3. It is home time
    Friends- you can come and play with us. 2. You are an awesome friend. 3.

  13. Parent:
    – Encouragement
    – Your my favourite
    – I love you
    – Your the best
    – Your Amazing
    – I’m your favourite student
    – Encourgement
    – No more school

  14. Parent ~ I love you ~ I’m proud of you ~ Your the best
    Teacher ~ Your work is amazing ~ Your a great student ~ 10 Dojo points!
    Friend ~ I’m always here for you ~ Your my best friend ~ Your so kind

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