Quiz of the Week

1) Round 3.7 to the nearest whole number.

2) What is the fastest breed of dog?

3) what is the name of Charlie Brown’s dog?

4) The Great Pyramids of Egypt were built in approximately

a) 2700 BC – 2500 BC   b) 600BC – 400BC    c) 200AD – 400 AD

5) Which is the proper noun in this sentence?

Kate unwrapped her birthday present.

6) The rocket which took Neil Armstrong to the moon was Apollo ….

7) ‘Boules’ originates from which country?

8) Change this time to 24 hour time 1:05am

9) In technological terms, is a ‘malfunction.

10) Do leaves get their colour from a green pigment called chlorine, chlorophyll or chloride?

11) Which fictitious detective lived at 221B Baker Street, London?

12) Who was Tenzing Norgay’s partner?

13) What is the meaning of the contraction ‘ neath’?

14) which people lived in fear of the KGB?

15) Tempera is a painting term True or False.

16) Deserts make up about 35% of the earth’s landmass. True or False?

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