Quiz of the Week

1) Take 64 from 93

2) The skunk defends itself with a fluid that has a really bad o..?

3) What does the abbreviation ‘Inc.’ stand for?

4) In 1989, protests in Tiananmen Square turned ugly when authorities in which country massacred over 1500 people?

5) How many consonants are there in the word ‘python’?

6) What is a slow moving river of ice called?

7)  Excluding the bullseyes, how many numbers are on a dartboard?

8) How many hours are there between 4pm Monday and 1pm Tuesday?

9) In computer jargon, RAM stands for Random Access …

10) Flowers bunched together are called and pronounced ‘boo-kays’. Spell this correctly.

99 thoughts on “Quiz of the Week

  1. Q1) 29

    Q2) odour

    Q3) incorporative

    Q4) Indonesia

    Q5) 5

    Q6) glacier

    Q7) 21

    Q8) 21 hours

    Q9) memory

    Q10) bouquets

  2. 1. 29.
    2. (I’m assuming you want us to spell the unfinished word) Odor is the American spelling, I believe. We spell it odour. (But for some reason, Google Chrome comes up with a red squiggly line)
    3. Incorporated.
    4. China. (they also massacre dogs too)
    5. Python is a tricky one, I remember the vowel song from year one: “A E I O U and sometimes Y”. So, if you’re counting y as a consonant, there are 5 consonants, if you’re counting y as a vowel, then there’s 4 consonants.
    6. All signs point (general knowledge, double checking it with google) to it being a glacier, EVEN THOUGH a glacier is ACTUALLY a huge chunk of ice in a river, not a river that’s made from ice and is slowly moving. Eh.
    7. Here’s the tricky part. A bullseye is NOT a number, so that would mean there are twenty numbers on the board (it goes 1 through to twenty, not necessarily in order). However, if you mean how many sections for the numbers there are excluding bullseyes, then there’s two for each number, making it forty.
    8. (yes we just started our time unit in maths) 21 hours. (And I found out that the answer to that what is 12 am in 24 hour time question from waaay back last year is 2400, because 12 am is 2400, but 12:01 am is 0001 hours)
    9. Random-Access Memory (I love being a geek).
    10. The correct spelling is bouquet/s.

    Oh look, I’m here.

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