Understanding Adjectives

Can you sometimes form pictures in your mind, just from reading or listening to words? This is probably because the writer or speaker has described things well.

Can you think of some occasions when it is really important to describe something well?

Which words are needed for descriptions? Why might you use more than one in a row? How do we know in which order to write them? List the ‘royal order of adjectives’.

How can you turn an adjectival phrase into a sentence?

What are some tips for writing a good description?

Which describing words are used to describe something approximately?


Write a description of a familiar object. Focus on particular features such as quality, size, weight, age, shape, colour, texture and the materials used to make it. Use interesting sentences, not just a list of adjectives. Ask someone who hasn’t seen the object to read your description and draw it. What did this tell you about your description?

Possessive Adjectives

36 thoughts on “Understanding Adjectives

  1. Mouse (computer) quality good size the size of a hand weight 2grams age 2 years shape in the shape of a hand colour a greyish black texture is rich ( it depends on the mouse) materials acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic is used.

  2. Task:
    Water bottle-
    Is plastic as wax,
    Orange as a mandarine,
    Tall as a tutti fruity jam pencil case,
    Images as aboriginal like a artist,
    Patterns like a maze and lid looking like it is fifty million dollars.πŸ’²πŸ˜ƒ

  3. I am a cylinder with magical lime green colours. I have an ice cold liquid In side me. I come with a rough black rubbery texture on the outside, I am as light as a feather. I am as old a a cave man, I am made of curly plastic. What am I ?

  4. I’m a circula sphere with a faded bright yellow colour. I have a slimy sticky goo inside of me that makes you even more joyful. I have a rough outside with faint bumps that you can fell if you carefully run your fingers over the very top. To sum it all up I tecnacally make a very silly way to absolutely enjoy your self to the fullest.

  5. Which words of are needed for description?

    Any word can have description to it you just put an adjective with it e.g heroic… The strong heroic man saved my life , strong would be the adjective

  6. What is this object?( using adjectives )
    This object is tall and very strong
    Its tips are bright green and very small
    This object can be very beautiful
    Some give us delicious fruit
    It can grow high high up into the sky
    They need fresh clean water, and bright shining sun
    It gives us cool shade on steaming hot days
    And without them we would not be able to breathe.

  7. There is a watertower in my hometown. The watertower shines a silver colour in the night and that represents the shinny moon.When the water surrounding it reflecting the lighting features on the shore and the tower, the water is an beautiful and breathtaking scenery. There is an underwater tunnel, that is the only way to be in the special tower. The watertower is the lots of the same Chinese olden days buildings, but it is bigger at the bottom than the top. It is just as magnificent it is inside as it is on the outside at night.

  8. How do we know in which order to write them?

    Because if we did not write them in order it would not make sense

  9. List the order of royal adjectives?

    Physical description

  10. Which words are needed for discription?
    Adjectives they are describing words.

    Why might you use more than two in one row?
    So the sentence has more description.

    How do we know it what order to use them?
    Before or after a noun for example; the DOG was very BIG, as you can see the dog is the noun while the word big is the adjective.

    List the ‘royal order of adjectives’
    Determiner, observation, physical description, origin, material, qualifier and nouns

  11. Task:
    Blue pen
    Is blue as water
    Is inky as a squid
    Long as a mouse
    See through as glass
    Like a bee nest ectagon ciclinder

  12. I’m a rumbis shape I’m bright pink.i have runny water inside of me that makes you hidrated. I am hard in and out and smooth I have a long straight thing inside. What am i ?

  13. What is this object? ( using adjectives ).
    This object is very colourful
    You can’t see the end of it
    There’s a mith of shiney gold
    Its very rare that there’s two of them
    It is always there after pouring rain

  14. I’m a sphere shape with no jagged and sharp edges. I usually have a black and white hexagons around me on the outside that shine when the ball is newly bought. Inside me (that you can’t) see is a red rubber bladder that gets blown up so it looks like it’s growing . I am used in any ball game but usually a game/sport called soccer. People use this object to juggle with there feet.

  15. Adjective task- adjectives are describing words!

    1. It’s a can
    2. It’s next to something with water
    3. It has pens in it
    4. The object is a light blue
    5. It’s in front of me
    6. The blue object is on my desk

    The object is a light blue can with pens in it,it is also in front of me on my desk.

  16. Leaf
    I am a magical green shape that is as light as a feather I take a long time to fall from the tree at my biggest point I am on bigger then the palm of your hand I am very easy to rip in half I can last on my thee for ruffley six months I am every ware

  17. What is the object?
    I have a ruff and brusley bottom,that is very thick.
    I also have lots of smaller ruff and brusley at the top of me.
    I have,well some times they are Orange and Red.
    And some times they are light green and dark Green.
    When they are Orange and Red they fall so that there is not that many left.
    I need a lot of water so I can grow
    And lots of sun light!
    I can be found all over the world
    What am I ?

  18. I am a great relieabale sauce of information on the smaller scale of my type, I am a lot lighter than others I can sit on your lap and help you get work done and don’t crush you. I was bought on Ally’s birthday as a gift. I’m a rectangular with rounded corners and there is two of those one has a screen the other has letters and numbers, I’m a smooth texture with a logo on the front .You can insert disks into me and I am electronic. What am I.

  19. This object is large but very fluffy,
    It provides comfort and security,
    It’s perfect for cold winter days,
    Or when you need a shoulder to cry on,
    This object can come in various colours,
    Mine is a light purple,
    They are perfect for party’s, or sleepovers,
    When all of your friends join you,
    And play super silly games,
    Or maybe just at night,
    They listen while you whisper you bad dreams away,

  20. I am square i am a NICE green colour and you can do a MILLION things on me I can make FUNNY sound and other sounds people have lots of FUN on me and I am on one now what am I 🐨

  21. Im a cililnder with magical coulored liquid inside of me.I also have a smoth, purpul , plastic on the outside.Im scool i can, draw.what am I ?

  22. task :
    A freezing, soggy wet day
    A inconspicuous man walked out into
    The freezing, soggy wet day
    There was no sudden roar from the sky
    There was no elecricfing light
    Nothing but the sweet sound of rain

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