Vietnam Immigration to Australia

Vietnam Migration

Helen Huynh’s young uncle was one of the 2,200 Vietnamese refugees who came to Australia in the 1970s. She explains the obligations that refugees’ children feel, and shows how she supports her parents.

Vietnam Immigration

Museum Victoria

Racism No Way

Timeline of Vietnamese Immigration


Questions from the video:

What special provisions have been made in Australia’s immigration policy over time to accommodate victims of conflict in various parts of the world?

Identify the events leading to the immigration of various groups.

When was the greatest influx of refugees from Vietnam and why did so many come at this time?

What special conditions existed to cause the refugees’ children to owe their parents ‘an incredible obligation’?

According to Helen, how did the children help their parents survive in Australia?

What world events and changes to Australian immigration policy influenced the movement of Vietnamese refugees?

Helen Huynh says that ‘an entire generation has laid out its body as a bridge for us to walk over’. How do the still photographs and archival footage emphasise the importance of this refugee experience for the Vietnamese community?

Compare how Australia dealt with this issue in the 1970s with how it is dealt with today. What differences and similarities can you find?

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