Asia & Australia

What is a continent

Australia has many strong connections to Asia. A connection is a link or a
tie between people or between people and places. The connections that
Australia has to Asia are because people, goods and ideas pass between
the two continents. For example, many Australian tourists travel to Asia,
and many Asian tourists travel to Australia.

Write five questions you would like to know the answer to, in relation to, the connections between Australia and Asia.

Map showing distance from Brisbane to other major cities

a) Which continent is Australia’s closest neighbour?

b) Name the four closest cities to Brisbane shown on the map, and the countries that
they are in. Use an atlas to help you if necessary.

c) Based on this map, which continent would you expect Australia to have the most
connection with? Why?

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  1. C) Asia:Asia is the closest continent than any other. Which means that it has a lower cost for transportation when trading. Also Asia has cheap costs for goods and service, which saves Australia money.

  2. C) Asia because we trade a lot with this continent especial China, because they produces some really great product. (clothing)

  3. The five questions
    1) How many cities are in Asia
    2) How big is Asia
    3) How far is Asia from Brisbane
    4) How many people are in Asia
    5) Is Asia the most populated continate

  4. 5questions
    1-Why does lots of the imports are from China?
    2-Which countries are the top 10 in Asia for population?
    3-What is the total area for Asia?
    4-Which country in Asia is the closest in cultures ,believes ,and traditions ?
    5-Why is it very useful to have partnership with Asia?

  5. 1. We trade with Asia a lot, but what other countries do we regularly trade with?
    2. How is a continent decided it is a continent?
    3. Which continent has the highest population?

  6. 5 questions.
    1. How many times does Asia export produce a year?
    2. What is the favourite continent?
    Sorry I only got 2 questions

  7. Our 5 questions: 1)How many people are in the total of Asia. 2) How many tourist visit Austrailia from Asia in one year. 3)How much money do we pay for Asian goods. 4)How many people from Australia visit Asia in a year.

  8. 5 Questions I want to know
    The difference between what meat they eat compared to Australia?
    The difference between what pet animals the have?
    The difference between the average children for one family?
    The difference between the total cost of a weekly pay?
    The difference between how big the average house is?

  9. 5 questions:
    1 is New Zealand apart of Australia
    2 What stuff do Australia Trade with
    3 what stuff do Australia Want
    4 Dose trade happen by Plane or Shipping

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