Inside Out 2


a) fear    b) sadness   c) disgust     d)joy     e) anger       

Write a movie blurb for Inside Out – here is an example

Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) is a happy, hockey-loving 11-year-old Midwestern girl, but her world turns upside-down when she and her parents move to San Francisco. Riley’s emotions — led by Joy (Amy Poehler) — try to guide her through this difficult, life-changing event. However, the stress of the move brings Sadness (Phyllis Smith) to the forefront. When Joy and Sadness are inadvertently swept into the far reaches of Riley’s mind, the only emotions left in Headquarters are Anger, Fear and Disgust.

What are your core memories which create your mini worlds?

Riley has – Hockey, Family, Friends, Goof Ball

Write a Biography of the Director for Inside Out

Peter Docter – Director of Inside Out


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  1. joy) the feeling of happiness or delight of something:)
    disgust)to offend to good taste and think everything is weird and gross when it isn’t that bad :/
    sadness) to feel let down and or feel sorry for yourself 🙁
    fear) to be cautious of your surroundings and to be scared of everything :()
    anger) to be frustrated and not able to take control :<

  2. movie blurb

    Riley is an 11 year old girll who lives in minnasoda but after moving house her and her emotions take some rough turns and quickly try to adapt to there new surroundings, but they struggle as joy and sadness get lost in long term memory and things start going really wrong! hope you enjoy the movie. 🙂

  3. Riley is a 11 year old girl she loves to play hocky with her friends. Riley’s dad gets a job in san Fransisco so she has to move. her 5 emotions joy, anger, fear, discust they all face exiting and thrilling adventures.

  4. Riley is an 11 year old girl who moves to a new city. Every thing is different even pizza is different. Riley’s emotions gets the best of her and after a total accident sadness and joy get lost in long term memory leaving fear, anger and disgust in charge. Riley is really sad but the only person who could fix it is joy and sadness.

  5. Movie blurb

    Riley is and 11 year old girl who lives in Minnasotta but after a while she moves to San Francisco, he emotions take some rough turn and try to adapt ASAP but they struggle when joy and sadness and the core memory’s get lost in long term memory but joy finds the core memories quickly , and Disgust, Fear and Anger try to be joy when it’s the first day of school. It go well without joy… hope you enjoy the movie…

  6. RE post
    Riley is a girl from Minnesota but she moves to Francisco and goes to a new School and she knows no one there and when she goes to her new School every thing goes wrong and when she get’s home she get’s pizza and she get’s really angry that’s when anger the emotion in her body has to get to work and be really angry. When anger gets angry all the other emotions gets scared .

  7. A.Fear
    A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain and whether the threat is real or imagined. The feeling or condition of being afraid.

  8. B.sadness
    Affected by unhappiness or grief sorrowful or mournful
    to feel sad because a close friend has moved away.

  9. a) fear) a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain.
    b)sadness) affected by unhappiness or grief
    c)disgust) to cause loathing or nausea in.
    d)joy) the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good.
    e)anger) a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong

  10. D.Joy
    The emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying keen pleasure elation.

  11. Riley is a 11 year old girl she loves playing ice hockey and loves playing against her friends.
    Riley is a normal girl in Midisoda America.

  12. Life changing events! Sadness brigs stress into the movie! Anger brings frie to the movie! Disgust attitude to the movie and fear brigs scary,screams to the movie!

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