Presenting with Prezi

  First step to making your Prezi

  • Choose a design for your Prezi.

  • Designs are readily available with lots to choose from.

  • This makes the design part simple. You choose a layout and then fill in your information where you want it.

  • You can add extra text / image boxes to each section.

  • What next?

    • At the beginning, your Prezi will look like one slide.  Like a single slide in a powerpoint presentation. This is your big picture.

    • To the left you will see a continuous roll of what resemble slides, like in powerpoint.

    • In this example, each of the slides to the left, represent each of the circles you see on the big picture.

    • These slides to the left also represent the order your show will follow. As you play the show, each of these areas in your big picture will be zoomed in on.

    • Adding Images to your Prezi

      • Choose which area (in this case which circle) you want your image to be in.

      • Once you have chosen the area, simply click the icon at the top of the page that says ‘insert’.

      • Presentation

        • Final steps are just playing around with your Prezi, adding color, changing sizes, font sizes etc.

        • Click on the ‘present’ at the top to see your Prezi in action.

        • Screen one will be the big picture.

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