Quote of the Week

1) Who wrote this quote?

2) What does this quote mean?

3) What does it mean to be successful?

4) Can you improve if everyone does everything for you?

19 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

  1. 2) it means that your kids don’t always have to go to you for help and guidance all the time, its telling you that if you teach them to do things for themselves, they will become more independent and they won’t always need guidence all the time:)

  2. 3) it means that either your very rich, have a great job and everyone likes you, but it also means that you work hard at school or your job and get good marks

  3. 2) Make sure your child or children have a good education to learning, and keeled health, also make sure they fitness levels are high.
    ( high being good)

  4. 3) to have a well payed job,and you need to belivie that its successful to you, also make sure you doing it because you love doing not because you are forested to do it.

  5. 2) Marus thinks :good education is better then what they get
    2) Jared thinks: Teaching your children is better than giving them things

  6. 3) to have a job and a healthy family Marucs
    3) Successful means to get somewhere in life and not go down the wrong road Jared

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