2N Couplets


A couplet is a two-line poem. The last word of each line rhymes. 

1) A baby spider played in the sun.

2) Bouncing on a web is so much fun.

Select three pairs of rhyming words from the box below. Write a couplet for each.

tree, bee red, bed book, look dad, glad ball, small rocket, pocket double, trouble kite, height crown, brown baker, maker jump, thump roar, more pop, stop green, seen carrot, parrot fly, try

35 thoughts on “2N Couplets

  1. @Abby – good try. Bee and Tree need to be at the end of each line.

    I had a buzzy bee
    it was in a tall tree.

  2. Very nice couplets. It helped me very verrry much . I’m studying in 7th STD. CBSE ST.KABIR SCHOOL . In our book it was asked to do the couplets.

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