Term 2 Week 6



6P Theme Song – Monster Mash

 Which is your favourite and why? 




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24 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 6

  1. Kyle and Clayton like B because it’s not slow and I class theme is hip hop right?
    Rory likes A beacause its shows a gummy bear that dancing it is more exciting😋😎

  2. The first one because it’s a lot slower then the others, and you can understand what they are saying!
    It’s a lot more child like and it’s not as scary, as the second and third.

  3. I liked the 2nd one the best (letter B) because it’s a rock an roll type song and is more a monster song

  4. we choose the first one because it was funny and it is visual and you can see what they are doing

  5. Luke
    I want to have the there one because it is easer for me to rember becouse I am deslixic

    I won’t the first won becouse it’s a lot more fun to watch.

  6. Marcus:A because it has a visual pickture and a song as well.
    Jared.C: A because I like looking at the visual pitcures and it is better than than the other songs because the song flows.
    Bradyn: A because it has visals to make semce withe the somg so you know what is happening.

  7. I’m am Rory and I like cats candy I am not that smart 😖 I don’t fit in well and I don’t know anything that other kids talk about and Clayton teases me because my last name is Claydon so year p.s just to let you now I have not been to rtc😉

  8. My favourite monster theme song is the second song because the song was fast it didn’t have weird animations like the first song.

    My least favourite is the first one because it had strange animations and it had no plot and it was so confusing and just so weird

    My second least favourite song is the third one it was karaoke

  9. 2) Introducing ourselves
    Hi my name is Ally and I am 11 this year on the 28/1/2004.I love to draw.
    Si Si
    Hello, my name is Si Si and I’m turning 12 years old this year. I like craft,art and music and I play the piano.
    Hi, my name is Erin and I am turning 12 this year in August. I like playing flute and guitar and my 2 sports tennis and golf.

  10. i like the 2nd one with audio no visual (B)… i like this one because it has more soul to it than the others and its more like a monster song… the others dont have soul to them… 🙂

  11. our favourite subject in school is dance and and English because in dance you get to challenging yourself and push yourself harder and English you get to learn new stuff and improve your writing

  12. I’m am Kyle W , I love basketball and taking photos , this is my favourite emoji 👲🏿 also my favourite subject is PE , and my favourite animal is the basketball #ballisloveballislife 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  13. Jared.C: I love dogs they are my favorite animal and I love school! My favorite colour is pink 🐶
    Marcus.M love mnms, favriout animal is a scorpion but mom wont let me get 1, i dont like most food but my favriout food is nutella sandwitches, my favriout color is aqua
    Bradyn: I am 11 i play rugby🏈 and i love to eat chocolate

  14. 3)favourite subjects and why
    My favourite subject in school is maths and dance because dance is fun and active and maths is numbers and adding
    Si Si
    My favourite subjects in school is art
    My favourite

  15. Darcy
    I’m a person how likes to play and have fun, also I to joke around

    I love to go out for games and all I do on Saturday Is archery and I recentli came second in South quesnland feald.

  16. my name’s Declan and I like playing sport expecialy soccer
    My favourite things are playing sport, playing with my dog, excercise
    My favourite subjects is probably technology and maths (P.E)

  17. Luke
    My favrout subject is technology and Pe technology becouse it gets my brain working and it is creative and Pe becouse it is fisicle

    Darcy sienc becouse its fun and PE becouse it’s fun and I like to work like that

  18. my favorite one is a becuase it has really good anamation nice beat its hyper its fun and its a great tune when you are in the mood for soming not scary like b -zac

  19. my name is zac my likes are puppeys otters kittens video games / my dislikes are know it alls/
    my favorite tv shows are Dragon ball z Dragon ball(just to clafiy dragon ball and dragon ball z are two difrent show) south park/ my favorites video games are morowind dragon ball xenoverse/
    my pets are jack the cat and litlie hercules it he only 5 months old and he is a pup-zac

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