Public Speaking

I am responsible for all that I do,

from turning in work to making friends too.

I choose if my room will be messy or clean,

I make the choice to be kind or mean.

It is up to me just how much I will learn,

the grades that I get will be grades that I earn.

I make the choice to be happy or sad,

to have a good day or have one that is bad.

So now I will choose what is best for me.

I am responsible.

I hold the key.

I am Responsible (Word.doc)



One thought on “Public Speaking

  1. I like this poem! It states that you choose what to do whether right or wrong. Being a leader means you choose your actions. I also like the thing that says
    “Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader… They set out to make a difference-It is not about the role-it is the goal!”

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