Public Speaking


I’m Late For School

I got up late for school today,
And nearly missed the bus!
I hurried down the stairs,
Wolfed my toast, and caused a fuss!

I quickly threw books in my bag,
My pens, my lunch and shorts.
Grabbed my coat from out the cupboard,
Took my bat and ball for sports.

I slid across the kitchen floor,
And hopped around the cat!
Then expertly rolled over,
Jumped back up and grabbed my hat!

I belted out of our front door,
Spun round and swung it shut.
Saw the bus was waiting for me,
I felt I had time to strut!

I climbed aboard and then froze still,
And knew that things weren’t right!
My friends fell down in fits of fun,
And pointed with delight!

My face went red, I couldn’t breathe,
For in my haste I knew!
I’d forgotten to wear trousers,
Jumper, shirt, my socks and shoes!

©2003 Gareth Lancaster

1) Articulate your words

2)) Read with expression and emotion

3) Stand tall and proud


6 thoughts on “Public Speaking

  1. Do we need to know this off by heart ?Because I don’t think I’ll be able to memorise it

  2. Should we print this off or something so we can read it if we can’t memorise it?

  3. Don’t worry about this exercise Ben. You did plenty of extra work for the Anzac ceremony.

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