Public Speaking 4/3

Which ideas will you try out?

13 thoughts on “Public Speaking 4/3

  1. Do not use the word ‘um’…oops! Sorry Ms Johnson 🙂 Instead, look into the eyes of the audience while you refresh your mind.

  2. Great video 😀
    I choose:
    -instead of saying um or arr just pause and look at the audience of a second

  3. UMMMMMMMMMM!ERRRRRRRRRR!That might be another one too.It will really help with my public speaking.(sorry Ms Johnson!!) (;

  4. I choose-

    ~ to just relax and if I get worried just pause and don’t say umm or arghhh
    ~pause if you need to and stay relaxed and calm
    🙂 🙂

  5. I choose

    ~not say umm or arghh just pause and relax, look around at the audience a bit and refocuse

  6. Do the penguin- and relax

    Even though you aren’t actually speaking- you’re still giving out a message

    Ask for feedback, it helps to know what you need to practice

  7. Try and not say uuuuummmmmm or aaaarrrhhh or not get quieter when you end.
    it very important to not say those words or to do those things because you don’t want to sound like you have not practiced or you are very nervous. One thing that helps is before you read your speech is that make sure that your confident in yourself because you can do anything if you put your mind 🙂 to it!!!!!!!!!


  8. I think you’re all picking the ‘ummmmmmmmm’ point because you’re scared of the consequences. Good idea! I won’t be saying ummmmm anymore either!

    @Kate that is a great point! You all can do anything if you put your mind to it!

  9. I need to work on not saying uummmmmm or aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr and to do the penguin if I need to.

  10. ummm……:( the peguin is useful because it opens up your airway giving a better projection of your voice.I need to communicate with my audience as well(plz don’t smash my foot)

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