Public Speaking Task 2

Miss Natoli- Stage Presence (boys)

Ms Johnson – Blogging (girls)

Homework: Topic – Why celebrate Easter?

a)Outline ideas on the blog.

26 thoughts on “Public Speaking Task 2

  1. Hi Simone πŸ™‚ Great to see you on the blog. Please avoid using capital letters on the internet as it indicates shouting.

  2. Easter
    well first my birthday is on Easter so
    My birthday😍
    also Chocolate and a big
    Easter Egg Hunt😝

  3. I’m not a fan of hunting for eggs, I’d much rather just sit down and consume them in large quantities.

  4. Why we celebrate easter: Mainly because of religous reasons and of course just a good holiday, with lots of chocolate and easterhunts, while catching up with family with tons of fun and happiness. But the real reason is because Jesus died on the cross and rose again 3 days later.

  5. hot cross buns, easter eggs, religious celebration, spending time with friends and family, easter egg hunts, my family and friends go camping to chinchilla

  6. Why I Think We Celebrate Easter πŸ™‚

    Easter egg hunts and hot cross buns
    Appreciating Religious beliefs
    Spending time with the family
    The one time I can pig out on chocolate
    Enjoying a holiday
    Red tulip Easter eggs

    I’m not sure if the last one sent through so I did it again.

  7. Why we should celebrate Easter:
    Religion states that Jesus died on the cross on Easter. The broken egg represents the cave Jesus rose in. We should also celebrate Easter because we all want a fun holiday doing Easter egg hunts and munching on giant chocolate bunny’s. Easter should also be celebrated because it is an opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

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