Maths with 6IB

20150214-125933.jpgMental Maths

1a) 14+3 =   1b) 20-8=   1c) 5×7=     1d)28 divide 4=

2a) Place of 9 in 495      2b) Is 596 less than 764?    

3a) 12,18,24,_      3b) $1.20+$1.35       3c) Quarters in 3/4

4a) 1/2of 40      4b) Is 3 a factor of 15?      4c) Next odd number after 99

5a) 9+?=24     5b) Centimetres in 7m?

WALT: add fractions with related denominators

WILF: Look, Listen, Think, Participate

 Maths Dictionary

Fractions Define the concept

Add & Subtract Fractions

Fraction Fiddle -(app)

Extension Task

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