Public Speaking Skills

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What are you good at in regards to speaking?

What skills do you need to practice?

9 thoughts on “Public Speaking Skills

  1. 1. I am good at using eye contact with the whole audience.
    2. I need to work on using a clear voice and holding the microphone at the right distance from my mouth. I also need to work on my posture and the way I walk on stage.

  2. In public speaking I am good at my posture and confidence, and I am prepared with lots of practice and a great speech that I know inside out.

    But what I need to work on is I need more expression and to slow my speech down while taking a breath every now and then.

  3. Iam good at posture during puplic speaking in front of people .I need to work on speaking a little slower in front of people so they can understand me at all times.

    I hope I can work on these so I become a better puplic speaker.

  4. When I speak I’m good at standing tall and not being afraid in front of big crowds.
    I need to work on my posture, use expresion and speak louder.

  5. 1.I am confident with speaking in front of large crowds
    2. I need to practice slowing my words down
    3. I need to practice eye contact

  6. I am good at speaking clearly to the audience without faulting my voice
    I am also good at walking across the stage quietly

    I need to learn to stop micro shaking in the knees and not be overly nervous

  7. well i ❤️ public speaking because when i was in year 4 i neally got in to the public speaking!

    and if you know i did drama classes for 4 years


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