Term 4 Week 8


Your thoughts on the Gami question?

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*Comic Strip – Peaceful in the Playground

*ibook – Peaceful Playground at EHSS

*Blog Post – Peaceful Playground Ideas

*Prezi – How to create a Peaceful PlaygroundΒ 

*Powerpoint – Rules for a Peaceful Playground

*Design a Digital Peaceful Playground Poster (image/quote

Make sure you write a comment and let everyone know what you have completed via comments.


Not everyone enjoys playtime…..


One person can make a difference

41 thoughts on “Term 4 Week 8

  1. Dear Ms Johnson

    Looks like a fun week, but I have a question, for the English One task number six, can we make up the quote?


  2. Hi Ms. Johnson and Classmates,

    I have finished the Peaceful Playgrounds Week Poster and it is on my blog, along with a definition of Peaceful Playgrounds.


  3. Hi Ms Johnson,
    I have finished the peaceful playground ideas and I have posted it on my blog.

    Riddle Master (Nick.k)

  4. Hi Ms Johnson,
    I have just finished the digital poster on my blog but sorry about the blur.
    Riddle Master

  5. Kelsey and I created a peaceful play ground poster and we have both uploaded it to our blogs. Check it out!

  6. Hi Ms Johnson,
    i believe that a peaceful playground is a playground/area where there is no bullying nor being rude. so – it should be a place where children can play without worrying about being judged or bullied by others, and where they are always involved in activities and not being left out. soooooo, games that involve large amounts of players would make it less likely that other kids are left out. and maybe some sort of game that subliminally teaches kindness …. grr.

  7. I think peaceful playground week is about everybody treating each other nicely and stop bulling. Where the playground becomes a safe and relaxing place to enjoy school and join in with everybody and their activities.

  8. Hi there!

    I have done the picture, powerpoint and the comic strip


    The picture and powerpoint are not on yet however.

  9. hi Ms Johnson

    these are my thoughts on the Gami question for a peaceful playground

    *have games for middel years such as dodge ball, poison ball, red rover and certian sports.

    * draw up games for the little kids to have fun such as hop skotch, farmer sam.

    * have some seniors dedicate their lunch times to help the littel kids and explain the games.

  10. Hi everyone,
    Liam, Nathan, Jack and I have completed our peaceful playground ideas on our blog. Please check them out.

    Ben πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Everyone,

    My impact on all the kids I worked with patta ball was I made lonely and shy kids join in and they will probably ask from now on.

    Ben πŸ™‚

  12. Hi everyone

    I believe Liam, Neta and I have had a huge impact on the junior school area. Neta and Liam worked on the hopscotch which had a smaller impact on their play not as much as the puddle ball which I worked on the whole entire time with Neta and Liam helping for the other half of the break. Our class made a huge difference on how they spent their lunchtime which was a huge success.

    From Liam, Nathan and Neta

  13. Hi Ms Johnson,
    Today I thought that I have changed a child in year 2’s point of view of peaceful playgrounds and their opinion of the year 6 and 7’s. I believe that our class did this by doing fun activities with them and showing them how you can have fun in a peaceful playground without hurting another person mentally,emotionally or physically.
    After the bell rang I felt really happy and proud because I helped the year 2’s have a good time and made myself have a good time as well.
    Riddle Master (Nick.k)

  14. Hi Ms Johnson,

    Today Will, Liam, Neta and I were doing hopscotch for for some of the little kids. Our group was not very popular because we were an all boys group. We all worked well together to set up the hopscotch but we had to move to a different group. Nathan’s group was a game that was like handball but with big, soft balls. His group was a lot more fun than ours because we got to ref a game. The break went quite quickly because we were moving around a lot. Will and Neta were taking photos on the iPads while Liam and I were setting up the games. Overall, I had a really fun time playing the games with the Year 2s.

    Zak πŸ˜€

  15. Hi Ms Johnson,

    The impact that we made on the kids benefited both the younger year levels and us. It really made a difference to their lunch break, as they hadn’t any activities planned and those who were alone could actually be involved. It also advertised Peaceful Playgrounds and including everyone. I enjoyed the afternoon as well, as I got to show what a Peaceful Playgrounds scene was like and I think that my group made an impact by involving all the kids and telling them about peaceful playgrounds week.

  16. Today with the little kids I think we really made an impact because some people were alone and had nothing to do and we helped them enjoy their lunch time today, and pat a ball was a really big success because everyone wanted to play.

  17. Hey Ms Johnson,,
    Jasmin, Mikee, Chelsea and I had fun with the children.
    we had heaps of children come and join in. we had drawn up a hopscotch with an animal theme. at first we had no kids at all, but we ended up having a lot,, like about 10. all of the kids had a go and had fun. even mikee was a child and joined in. some kids got to 7 which was the highest anyone got.

  18. Hey everyone

    Today I impacted the grade 2 and 3 as 6/7j created games for the grade 2 and 3 to play during their lunch break, such as hop scotch, and ball games.

  19. I believe that the whole class helped in the peaceful playground week. My group did very well and gave the children something to do rather than just sit and talk. We all had a great time and showed the kids what they can do in their breaks. Everyone that came to do hopscotch with us never fought amongst themselves and smiled the whole time. My group and I all feel proud for what we did.

  20. Today 6/7J Created games for the juniors to involve them with Peaceful Playground week. At first break we all went and ran/played the games with the grade 1’s and 2’s. Before lunch we all drew up hop scotch games in groups. My group included Kelsey, Christian and Nick. We drew two hop scotches with drawings and peaceful playground rules around it. During lunch my group ran our hop scotch, skipping and the games Simon says and red light, green light. Some of the other groups played ball games and hop scotch. I saw so many bright faces and everyone was enjoying themselves. When lunch was over everyone asked me if it was on again second break!

    This made me really think that even the smallest things we do for the juniors makes them extremely happy. Everyone got super excited when they saw us, and even more ecstatic when we began playing with them. I always love playing with little kids and seeing them happy, so today made me feel warm and proud to think I made someone’s day!

  21. Today our class did a activity in the old gathering area for peaceful playground week. My group included Liam, Neta and Zak; we made our own hopscotch court. At first break we waited for year 2s to come and play our hopscotch sadly only 5 people came to ours. The other groups who had hopscotch courts had way more people come. At the end we decided to go to Nathans group as he had way more people at his because he was doing handball. Throughout 1st break Neta and I were taking photos with the iPad.
    Will πŸ™‚

  22. Hi there,

    My impact was that I helped out and I helped some shy people have some fun at a real and I gave them confidence in themselves to have fun and participate!

    BD OUT!!

  23. Hi Ms Johnson,

    Today in the peaceful playground area that we conducted was a huge success. The children in my group and the other groups had plenty of fun and wished to do it again.

    My group was growing each round we went through. More and more kids just kept on joining because they were having so much fun. We got the kids to say the peaceful playground name that they had on there square when they hit the ball. For instance help others was one of them.The kids got the hang of it and had long runs.

    Kahlia πŸ™‚

  24. Dear Ms Johnson

    I believe that We made an impact because, as you walked around, you could see all of the kids smiling and laughing. It was amazing, and it was so much fun. I thought we made an impact because all of the kids with nothing to do got to play games and make friends.


  25. Hello Ms Johnson

    Today at first break us, in 6/7 J, created a peaceful playground. In the old gathering area we set up multiple hopscotch games, ball games and skipping ropes around the area and at lunchtime we invited grade two’s and grade one’s. At the end of it both grades all had smiles on their faces. In my group we had Kelsey, who did hopscotch, Nick who also did hopscotch, and Erynn who ran skipping and various other activities, and myself, Christian and I ran skipping at times ball games and a little bit of hopscotch. At the end I felt pretty happy with myself for allowing those younger children to have a peaceful playtime without giving up the fun and joy of playing.

  26. I think i really made a difference today.Me and Dion approched a little girl who was sitting alon, sad and she said my friends are being really mean, im always the mother and they never let me be the baby.We talked to the girls friends about peaceful play ground day and being nice to each other, so they let her be the baby and every one was happy.We also got to best friends playing hand games and they looked very bored so we got them to play hop scotch,they had so much fun.

    Even the littlest things make a difference.The whole break i had fun and it put a big smile on my face.
    by liza

  27. Our group did do well, didn’t it Liza, I found that our group was very proactive and had everything good to go before any one came!

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