Week 5

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Stunning beaches and tourist-filled coastal towns are some of Australia’s most important assets. 


Imagine that you are holidaying in a coastal town.

1. In what way will your visit have an impact on the town?

2. Consider both the costs and benefits of your visit from the perspective of local residents.

Challenge Question:   How do seasonal fluctuations in population affect these coastal communities?

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  1. 1. My visit will impact the town by more rubish on the beach needing public service at the place

    2. the amount of money and time for buying things e.g coffe on the weekend as opposing to on the week days and the public hospital services

    3.people go to the coastal parts of australia for swiming but winter brings cold wheather and windy afternoons

  2. Dear Ms Johnson
    Here are my answers to your questions:
    My visit would have an impact on the town because of the following reasons:
    I would fill up shops
    (I wouldn’t do this but some people may) Polute the beaches
    I would help fill up hotels (not to mention the town)
    (I wouldn’t do this but some people may) Scar children by wearing tiny bikini’s (for girls) or no tops (for boys)

    (I am writing this question as though I am a local resident complaining to a friend about tourists)
    “I hate Summer! All these tourists flood in on Christmas Holidays and the weekends to go to the beach and leave no time for us to go swimming aside from Winter! Thankfully they don’t come after school, which mean we still get nice warm evenings by the beach, but still. I mean I like getting to meet new people and see old friends, but most of the time all of these tourists just polute our oceans and kill our marine life! Oh and did I forget to mention that I can’t even go shopping on the weekend because they’re too busy buying soft drinks and icy-poles! I’m sick of it! I wish I could just get rid of them all and make it a private site for locals…”

    In Winter and on cold days or wet days, less people are visiting beaches, however in Summer and on warm days or hot days, more people want to go to the beach and have a swim, build sandcastles, eat ice-creams and get tans. In Winter (and on cold or wet days,) when less people are at the beach, people won’t be buying food or staying in hotels or going out for dinner as much, because tourists aren’t there. This means that the take-away shops, grocery shops, ice-cream shops, hotels, motels, resturants and many other places wouldn’t be raking in as much money. Another thing could be that people swimming in the ocean would cause problems for marine life.

    Hope these are good enough answers and that you didn’t fall asleep reading it all 😛


  3. Dear ms Johnson
    Here are my answers to your questions

    1. If I visited the impact on the town would be an increase in the population and every weekend to holiday atleast 25% of the population rises.

    2.Im sure that the tourists turn up every second in the town and the locals would be absolutley sick of it.

    challenge question: The season changes and from summer to winter the town drops population by unthinkable numbers. Going from ice blocks to ice-cream to no one.

  4. Well answered 🙂
    Answering question 2 from the perspective of a local is different but effective.
    Miss Turner

  5. Hi Ms Johnson. I tried Cosmo’s Case but it didn’t work on my computer. I have worked with Joanna.

  6. Hi Ms. Johnson,

    Cosmo’s Casebook is being very naughty, causing Google Chrome to CRASH whenever it finishes loading. I did notice that it had an iPad app and that perhaps might be a solution, allowing us to use it on the iPads. Maybe it’s just my computer though.


  7. Hi Ms Johnson,
    I’ve finished squared numbers and it helped me very much.
    Thank you! 🙂


  8. I just completed square numbers it was a fun activity and i enjoyed doing the human towers on it.

  9. I finished the square numbers activity and it was funny! 🙂 It helped show how to calculate square numbers.

  10. I have Just completed the squared numbers and i learnt a lot about how to work with squared numbers properly.

  11. I have finished the Squre Numbers task, I was lots of fun and it helped me out alot, I know understand square numbers! 🙂

  12. Hi guys, I hear Cosmo’s Case won’t load. Do the other maths tasks on the flipped classroom and then answer the questions about the PMI information report.
    If you still have time go to Study-ladder maths.

  13. 1. I would make an impact because I will by clothing, food and drinks and I may litter.

    2. Some of our money will go to more important things like schools and things like that.

    3. It can affect coastal communities by polution and also there will be less people in the colder seasons.

  14. Hi Ms Johnson. Here are my answers to the questions.

    1. My visit would have several impacts on the town. Tourists would bring in profits for the shops, especially souvenir stores, and extra measures would have to be put in place for my benefit. This would include longer opening hours, extra lifeguards patrolling the beaches and on a long term scale, more toilet blocks and convenience stores.

    2. Tourists would bring in profits and more sales would be offered. Markets would also be held more regularly. The prices might increase or decrease, and local residents would find it harder to buy all the things they need because of the sudden increase in population. In the shop keepers view, tourists would be very welcome, but not as welcome in the local resident’s opinion. Sales would bring even more money and local residents could also benefit from more things offered in shops.

    Here are five quick responses from some residents.

    Shop keeper: “Tourists are wonderful! Met one just this morning. Lovely fellow, he was very interested in my wares for sale. Extra profits now it’s Summer eh? Fish and chips is always a big favourite, and my shop being stationed right next to it! A big help to the finance section, tourists are.”

    Local resident number 1: “Tourists? Those wretched money spenders also throw big raucous parties in the middle of the night. They buy out all of the shops as well. Humph! How are we going to be able to buy enough food when they clean out the stores? Tell me that!”

    Leader of the Environmental Society: “Hmm. Well, some are quite clean. I had a chat with a very friendly lady, she was quite keen on starting a society in her neighbourhood. But some are absolute rascals, they live their rubbish everywhere. Pollution in the beaches, it’s not good for the marine life. We have to change garage collection routes as well, to accommodate hotels that are otherwise unoccupied. All in all, it depends on who the tourists are, if you what I mean.”

    Local resident number 2: “Tourists are pretty exciting if you ask me. I own the local restaurant, at the beach, ‘The Clownfish’. Always seem like cheerful, optimistic people, rather like myself, actually. Always up for a chat, don’t seem to know what the word bad means! Straight from strolling on the beach. Still, I don’t mind a bit of sand.”

    Tourist: “Beaches are the best destination! I love the sand and the sea and it’s a great place to bring the family. Kids are forever building sandcastles. The food’s great too! Best way to eat fish and chips is to have them on the beach, straight after a stroll. My Meggie is forever getting sauce on her face! Still, they all love it.”

    Challenge Question: I believe that it would be hard to mange finances in a coastal town, from the fact that you never receive the same amount of profit from sales. In Summer business would be booming, but in Winter it would be the exact opposite. This unequal balance means that it would be hard to pay debts in Winter.

  15. Kelsey, outstanding! Well articulated, complete complex paragraphs with full explanations and examples. I appreciate all the extra time and thought you put into these tasks! You are a champ! 🙂

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