Week 4

Narrative Writing Persuasive Tips Printing Press – Narrative  Grammar Blast Comic Creator
Negative Numbers  Triangular Numbers
 Long Division  Journey Planner

 Ipad Photography –  Clarity   GeographyClimatic Cycles in the Pacific  TechnologyGreek Temple, Architecture Video

Learning Goals – >Term 2 Wiki->Discussion->New Goal

Tasks for Non – Naplan 1.  Printing Press Narrative: create a flyer explaining how to get quality writing in this genre(save to usb and email Miss Robyn)

2. Journey Planner – Applying your skills in understanding a timetable

3. Pandora’s Box questions + Comment on other student blogs

Non Naplan  students –  homework to be completed by 15th May.       Assistance in the use of Prezi will be available to you this week!

22 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. I’ve done long division, understading integes and i tride to do triangular numbers but the desert thing is to hard but long division was way to easy. So all an all good.

  2. ok now i’ve done all of the activities ecept comic creator because it dosent allow me to do it.

  3. Dear Ms Johnson
    I clicked on the link near photography that said Clarity and have been doing some puzzles on that.


  4. I remember doing long division last year, but that revised my mind a lot. It broke it down great!

  5. I went on to the Journey Planner it was confusing but I managed and I taught Chelsea and Erynn how to do it! (I did it twice)

  6. I did journey planner it was easier once I understanded what to do it was fun and a did some time table planners

  7. That journey planner is so much fun but I kept on doing it over and over again with out realising

  8. Dear Ms Johnson
    I have watched the khan academy vidoe on negative numbers and I was wondering if you could put up asome more video links on negative numbers.
    Regards, Christian

  9. I just completed Grammar Blast. It was hard and fun at the same time. My score was 70 :).

  10. Hi Ms Johnson, I’ve done Negative Numbers, Long Divison and Triangular Numbers. I didn’t really understand triangular numbers. On Negative Numbers, there was a link to Adding Integers with Different Signs, which I also did.

  11. To Ms Johnson
    Today I watched the khanacademy video on Negative Numbers. It showed me how to add and subtract negative and whole numbers. Also I had a look at long division.

  12. Dear Ms Johnson,
    I’ve done Khan academy and seen very helpful videos about integers thank you. I found another that helped called adding integers with different signs.

    I did the triangular numbers and long division.

  13. To Ms. Johnson,
    I’ve done theadding/subtracting negative numbers and long division activities.

  14. Dear Ms Johnson

    I just finished my blog post. I have completed all of the other tasks aswell, so I am confused about what you want me to do. At the moment I am just helping Chloe. Please get back to me soon on an answer.
    Just a list on what I’ve completed
    Narrative Writing Poster (e-mailed as well)
    Pandora’s Box Venn Diagram (printed as well)
    Significant Person Report (printed as well)
    Blog Post
    Pandora’s Box questions


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