Week 3

Blog Challenge – Explain how to achieve quality work in Narrative Writing Printing Press

 Abandoned House Finish the story Comic Strip
 Number patterns  Measurement  SpellCity
 Climatic Phenomena  Cosmo’s Casebook  Parent Interviews

New way to present assignments for some of you – Prezi– be sure to sign up with your (eq.edu.au) webmail.  Tutors available: Christian, Kelsey & Joanna

Non-Naplan student homework: Create a Prezi about learning in our multiage environment

How do we learn?, What do we learn?  Computer Technology, WALT,WILF, Blogs, Group work, Discussions etc  Due: 15th May

Term 2 Learning Goal WIKI – scroll down to the wiki click Term 2 Goals = Discussion.


4 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. with the prezi I was wondering if you could give us a small assignment to do like food or something and then we send it to you, that way we can use a Prezi

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