Living the Life of Language


Build a dream bike using fantasy parts and discover the power of word pictures, or metaphors.

                                                                          Dream Machine

14 thoughts on “Living the Life of Language

  1. The game was awesomly epic! I enjoyed making the bike and using words to form metaphors. The last bike review was cool when you selected the metaphor to use. I definetely understand how to write metaphors more deeply. It helped me a lot with metaphors. NO BIKE WILL EVER BE EPICER THAN MINE!!!! 😀

  2. I loved the game. It was fantastic, and I loved making up metaphors for the parts of the bike. It gave me great ideas for metaphors in future. Thank you for showing me this. Are there any other games like this? Thank you.

  3. Wow, that was different to what I expected. I put in these metaphors:
    *The wheels are Mind jolting yo-yos
    *The frame is a a lighting-fast night bird
    *The handle bars are a steering sensation
    *The pedals are fast and fearful feet
    *The gears and chain are jets in undercover
    *The seat is a winged beauty
    It was great fun!

  4. Dear Ms Johnson
    That game is really weird. I will quickly put a post up about it so that you can see my desterbing and demented bike.


  5. Wow, if all my other classrooms had that I would be so happy, I learned alot about metaphors. 🙂

  6. The game was wierd and fun in a way, I never expected such a educational ‘bike’ game? And I liked the way it used the metaphors to describe my bike. it was as cool as ice.

  7. I loved this game, I liked creating a dream bike, it is very cool because it explains metaphors and at the end it gave you examples of metaphors it is an extrodinary game.

  8. The game was a awesome game. It really taught me how important metaphors are in narratives.
    Thank you Ms Johnson

    From Nathan

  9. I really enjoyed this game and I built a bike that was really cool. It was a space travelling bike and I think it would be awesome if I could own it in real life.


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