ANZAC Spirit

3D Gallipoli Story – please view this prior to returning to class

Please make a comment or ask a question once you have watched this story.

Below is a song about the experiences of an itinerant Australian who volunteered as a soldier in the First World War, took part in the Suvla Bay landing and lost both legs in the Gallipoli campaign. It was composed and performed by Australian singer Eric Bogle, and was probably recorded in 1980.  

And the band played Waltzing Matilda   Lest We Forget

  • Discuss the use of a symbol of Australian patriotism, the song Waltzing Matilda, as a counterpoint to lyrics about sailing to Gallipoli, burying the dead at Gallipoli, being wounded, landing back in Sydney and questioning the commemoration of war in Anzac Day marches.
  • Discuss how the song identifies the level of Turkish preparedness on the Gallipoli Peninsula.
  • Your task:
  • Bring our school ANZAC ceremony to life.
  • Please apply for a job by submitting a comment on the blog – why you are best suited to this position.
  • Photography: (skills in capturing the moment)
  • Video: (steady hand, pan, wide shot, edit)
  • News cast + Roving Reporters: (public speaking skills required)
  • Script writers: (detailed knowledge of history, very high ability in writing)
  • Props (ability in visual arts)

Further criteria will follow after negotiation with 6/7J students

36 thoughts on “ANZAC Spirit

  1. Hi Ms Johnson. I’d like to apply for the job of script writer. I think it’d be very interesting and fun. I can research more about the war and the Anzacs. Please inform me about the requirements. Thank you!

  2. Hi Kelsey, your application for this role has been successful. Congratulations!
    Please indicate your thoughts in writing as to what you think this job description should contain.
    i.e – Script for presenters, Historic quotes etc

  3. Hi Ms Johnson. I think some of the items the job should have are extracts from people who were in the war (diary extract from an Anzac soldier, a general’s report etc). Also, to help to write the news report for the Roving Reporters. Factual information, events that happened in the war and what the Anzacs conditions were, i.e they were in training for . . . the trenches were like . . .
    I hope you like the suggestions.

  4. Hi Kelsey 🙂 Your ideas sound ideal! You also need to make links between the EHSS Anzac Day and the actual event in Gallipoli.
    If you watch the 3D animation (on the blog), you will become very informed. Just watch it in parts as it is quite long. The more time you have to process what you are seeing and hearing – the superior the knowledge you will gain.

  5. Hi Ms Johnson. I just finished watching the 3D Gallipoli story, and I found Mustafa Kemal’s order to the Ottoman forces very interesting. It was;

    I don’t order you to attack, I order you to die. By the time we are dead, other units and commanders will have come to take our place.

    I was also intrigued by the set up and how even though they were there for ages they still didn’t make much progress. My question is, how did the Ottoman Major Halis lose contact with Captain Faik? And was it done deliberately?

  6. Hello Ms. Johnson,

    The position that seems most appealing to me is the roving reporter/news cast position, as I am great with speaking (obviously). If you believe this position isn’t suited to me, I’d be happy with any of the other positions.


  7. Joanna, can we combine two roles so you use incoporate the history of this significant day with our own special ANZAC event?

  8. Hi Ms Johnson. I was researching my question and unfortunately, the reason for the loss of communication is unknown. The only details avaliable are when (4:50, 25th April 1915) and that Major Halis decided to start shelling the Allies.

  9. On the timeline are countless diary entries, and I have come across one that mentions Egypt (3rd entry for time: 14:00) . I am unsure whether Egypt in this context is the place, or it is an army.

  10. Hi Ms Johnson, 🙂
    Wow that 3D Gallipoli Story was really touching, I read the diary and felt quite saddened and wished that war meant making friends, I spoke to mum and she said that people fight for their way and that’s exactly what they did! The same question popped into my mind as Kelsey’s how did the Ottoman Major Halis lose contact with Captain Faik? But I’m glad she answered it! Oh and sorry I did not go blogging over the holidays I was to caught up in spending time with all my crazy and funny friends! i.e Camping, double sleepovers, parties and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi Ms Johnson an over load for you……
    The Waltzing Matilda link does not work and I also was confused about the Waltzing Matilda task!
    And also News cast + Roving Reporters sounds good but your the master so do you think that that is the best one for me and my ability?!?!?!?!?!

  12. Hi Ms Johnson
    The position that is most appealing to me is photography. I realise that because I will be onstage with some other school and vice captains, I may not get to do this role, however it would make my day if I please could. I believe I would be best for this position because my biodiversity photos were not blurry and I believe I truly captured the moment when I got a shot of a bird midflight and a lizard before it scuttled away. Please put me in this spot. Thank you


  13. Dear Ms Johnson
    I would like to apply for the photography position as I beleive that I have the abblity to capture a picture at the right moment.
    I know very well how to take fabulous photos since at golf many proffessionals have come to take photos of me and I have experienced what is like to be a proffessional! 🙂
    Thanks From Chels

  14. To Ms Johnson

    I would like to apply for the job of the photographer as I have always loved photography! In our biodiversity photos I captured the simplicity of nature and put time, and soul into the photo. I make sure the I am taking the photo in the right light and on the right angle, so it can be amazing!

    Thanks Erynn

  15. Hi Ms Johnson, me again

    I went to view The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, however it said I had to install windows media player to listen to it. Do you want me to install it or come back to class?


  16. Hello Ms Johnson,
    I would like to apply for the photographer role. I’ve done photgraphy before and it was very fun! It would be great if you could give me the job Ms Johnson, so its up to you.

    Thanks, zwalk23

  17. Hi Ms Johnson
    I’d like to apply for the Photography role. I think I am very good at taking photos. If you think I should do something else, my second prefrence is the video role.

  18. Hi Ms Johnson
    I think that the best thing for me would be photography because I don’t have public speaking skills to be a news caster, I am not very good at visual arts so I am certainly not a prop, For the script writters I think their are better writters than me and the videoing I don’t know how to edit. However I might be good for photography because I don’t get very close to start with instead I take a photo and make sure it’s not blurry then I take another step and take a photo and make sure it is not blury. Also if it is not an animal I would take a picture of it as close as I can ao I don’t have to crop it and make it a bit blurry I know how to edit photo’s on the ipad wheather we won’t it in black and white or colour.

    From Nathan

  19. Hello Ms Johnson,
    This song shows a lot of patriotism by the song Waltzing Matilda, it is mentioned through-out the song and the man singing the song sings all the sorrow and how hard the war was. This man singing has been through the war and he has sung what happened to him in the war. This song has touched my heart of how sad it was. this song is great in many ways and educational, teaching you about what happened in the war. Near the end of the song he starts singing the end of Waltzing Matilda. All these lyrics make you feel the pain for the ANZAC’s like this, “so for ten weary weeks, I kept myself alive though around me the corpses piled higher.”. The Turkish soldiers were not preppared for the war. Then the Turkish put the light shining out into the ocean. Thats where it started. Many people died straight away when the war started both Turkish and ANZAC’s. The ANZAC’s were very sneaky to go in at two in the morning and almost got a big advantage, but a flare was set off by one of the ANZAC’s ships.They’re cunning plan failed and was very bad as the turkish just started firing. The Turk’s knew they were coming but weren’t at all prepared for them at that moment.

  20. Hi Ms Johnson
    I listened to the song and the band played Waltzing Matilda is very descriptive. Especially the part where he sung “the blood stained the sand and the water”. The song also described a soldiers point of view during the war and after. The singer must have been in the war or had a friend or family member that was in the war. In the song it seemed they were trying to say the Turkish were prepared when they werent really prepared. They only got the advantage because the could see were the ANZAC’S where. The song keeps on saying that it was hell and I think it would have been hell not just because the pain they were in, but because the feeling of losing alot of friends and family.

  21. Hello Ms Johnson,
    The song was brilliantly made. It described how the Turkish were ready and started firing when the ANZACS landed. He said “we were butchered like lambs”. When he said the enemy were prepared it reminded me of the 3D Story and the Big guns the Turkish had that were shelling them. I believe this song would lift Austealian spirit. Its patriotic meaning is fascinating! The words “they gave me a gun and marched me off to the war” were really touching. The lyrics about Gallipoli which were something like “when our blood stained the sand and the water”. It really gave me an understanding of the ANZACS at Gallipoli. I’ve never heard Waltzing Matilda before so I dpn’t know anything about it but i think it’s the little part at the end. For the ANZAC ceremony job I would love to have the Photography job. I have skill in photography and enjoy taking photos. I also have a passion in photography and I’m thinking of considering ot as a future career.

  22. The song And the band played Waltzing Matilda shows that the Turkish were very well prepared for the ANZAC’s with the lyrics ‘Johnny Turk he was ready, he primed himself well’, ‘and five minutes flat he had blown us all to hell. Nearly blew right us back to Australia’. Also the songs lyrics really do reflect the war in the hardship and challenges they faced, and during that time Waltzing Matilda was a symbol of hope to the ANZAC’s. Waltzing Matilda was a song, but it was more than that to the diggers because it gave them hope throughout hardship, deaths and injury’s. Throughout the war that very song was played, even as they left to go to Gallipoli, and soon to be ANZAC cove.
    The song writer believes that non-one should celebrate that time in Australia’s history, and he himself questioned the parade’s purpose, whether it’s to celebrate or remember.

  23. Hi Ms Johnson

    The song And The Band Played Waltzing Matildahas shown that the turkish people were very prepared because in the song the person singing said he was givin a tin hat and a gun so that means they are preparing for war and they would’ve done that to hundreds of people and sent them to gallipoli. The song also stated that turkey was ready for the war.

    From Nathan

  24. This song shows that the Turkish were completely prepared for battle. It demonstrates this through the lyrics. It’s basically saying the ANZAC’s sailed off to Gallipoli and the Turk’s were waiting there for them. The song quotes ‘Johnny Turk he was ready, he primed himself well. He showered us with bullets and he rained us with shell. And in five minutes flat he’d blown us all to hell, Nearly blew us right back to Australia.’ This is saying the Turk’s battled hard and good. They wanted to win and they were prepared! They were killing and injuring many soldiers. The ANZAC’s fought hard but the Turk’s were just too much!
    ‘And those that were left, well, we tried to survive. In that mad world of blood, death and fire. And for ten weary weeks I kept myself alive, Though around me the corpses piled higher. Then a big Turkish shell knocked me arse overhead And when I woke up in me hospital bed And saw what it had done, well, I wished I was dead. Never knew there was worse things than dying.’
    The Turk’s had struck!

  25. The 3D ANZAC vidoe is a very detailed and informative video. I especially likde the fact that all of it was true. To think that all ANZAC’s had to go through that.

  26. Dear Ms Johnson
    A role that apeals to me is the photography role and if not the prop creator. I would like to inform you that i have taken a 3 hour proffesional photography lesson, and I take art lessons. Either of these jobs seem interesting and I would like to contribute something to this special event.

  27. I watched the 3D Gallipoli story and I think the animation was very cool but the storyline can get a bit confusing. I was shocked when Mustafa Kemal ordered his men to die instead of trying to push forward. If I was a soldier at that time I would NOT follow that order. I was wondering why would it take 2 days to evacuate the soldiers?

  28. I really liked the 3D Gallipoli story about the ANZAC’s and the Turkish. However it was also sad that all of those young and old men died. I liked the information it gave us like were their went, their orders and what they did. I was wondering why they were giving orders to die and not push forward. It was sometimes confusing but when I watched it again I understood it.

  29. Hi, in answer to Nick’s question, I read that it would have taken two days because they also needed to carry the injured and killed. It would taken ages to board everyone on the ship, as well as their provisions. Also, the Turks would have kept firing at them which meant they would have to keep turning around and firing.

  30. Hi Ms Johnson 🙂 The song ‘And the band played Waltzing Matilda’ shows the struggles the Anzacs faced at Gallipoli. The Turkish army were prepared for a fight but wouldn’t have had an advantage like they did, because the Anzacs used a strategic move by getting there early in the morning. The composer shared an interesting point of view, by asking if parades should be about celebrating, or be more solemn. Using the song Waltzing Matilda, Eric showed an understanding about Australia. This song is well known so this tune will be heard often, and when it is people will remember our Anzacs.

  31. Hi Miss Johnson
    I would like to apply for the photography job because I liked taking photos when we went to take photos of biodiversity. I liked the Anzac video because it was interesting.


  32. Hi Ben, thanks for applying. I have actually booked you and Nathan in for a web conference with a WW2 veteran from 9:30-10:15am. You can then create a Tellagami about what you learnt.

  33. Hi Ms Johnson this is off the topic but if we could fit it in I would like some help in writing in general (Persuasive, narrative- fantasy, recount etc…) I would appreciate a extra boost to help in NAPLAN and high school! I have found I have gotten low marks in ALL areas of english! 🙁
    I would really like it if you did!!!!!!!!!!!
    Madajah! 🙂

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