English Skills

Learning Intention

This week we are going to learn about spelling, grammar and punctuation skills which will help us to improve our reading, writing and spelling.

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Identify and write the long ‘a’ & ‘or’ sound into words.

# Accurately spell the words from your chosen list.

# Write sentences using the grammatically appropriate word.

# Identify and solve the prefix  words.

# Give a definition and use noun plurals in sentences.

# Tell a friend the meaning of a homophone and give them a quiz with 5 questions about finding the correct word.

# Listen to, take notes and ask questions about the semi colon.



Phonic Focus:

Long a’ sound

Long a vowel sound | FREE ESL worksheets

‘or’ sound

Image result for or' sound

Spelling Words:

List A                 List B                   List C

fruit                      complete          disappoint

catch                   February            delighted

build                    noise                  imagine

always                enough               reign

Word Choice:








Image result for prefix

sub, inter, auto

(matic, marine, national, graph)


Nouns – Plurals

Related image

Image result for nouns plural



Image result for homophones

Semi Colon

Image result for semi colon


Week 5

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Squared Numbers    Grid Map     Compass Points    Spellcity
Mathematician Graham     ConCensus     Zoom!    Mathletics

Stunning beaches and tourist-filled coastal towns are some of Australia’s most important assets. 


Imagine that you are holidaying in a coastal town.

1. In what way will your visit have an impact on the town?

2. Consider both the costs and benefits of your visit from the perspective of local residents.

Challenge Question:   How do seasonal fluctuations in population affect these coastal communities?