Learning Intention

Today we will be investigating the rainforest.

Success Criteria – you will know you have been successful


# You can write a description of the tropical rainforest biome

# You can list the features and use images to show, what constitutes a tropical rainforest.

# You can research information about people living in tropical rainforests.

# You can identify interesting facts about the tropical rainforest.

# You can locate the areas on a map to show where the tropical rainforest regions are located around the world.


What is a rainforest?

Rainforest Information for Kids

Tropical Rainforests of the World

Ext – Tropical Rainforest Food webs


Learning Intention

Today we are going to investigate the desert biome, find out what constitutes a desert,  explore who lives in a desert and find out where in the world deserts are located.

Success Criteria: You will know you have been successful when:

# You can write a description of a desert.

# You can list the features of a desert.

# You can research information relating to %  of World’s population who live in a desert.

# You can research adaptions required to live in a desert.

# You can locate the desert regions  found around the world.

Resources to assist your learning.

BBC Nature Wildlife

National Geographic

Deserts in America

Fun Desert Facts for Kids

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The Arctic

Learning Intention:

Today we are going to investigate The Arctic


Success Criteria: You will know you have been successful when:

# You can list the features that make The Arctic unique

# You can give a description of the Arctic biome

# You can research information about people living in the Arctic

# Locate on a map the Arctic Region


What is the Arctic?

National Geographic – The Arctic

The Magic School Bus- The Arctic

Useful Links

Arctic Facts

World Atlas

Climatology & Meteorology

WWF Arctic


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Characteristics of Places

Learning Intention

By the end of the lesson you will:

  • Understand that vegetation is a characteristic of places

Understand how to identify the simple patterns and distribution of vegetation

  • Understand that climate is a characteristic of places and has simple patterns
  • Understand how to identify the relationship between vegetation and climate distribution


Success Criteria: You will know you have been successful when –

I can identify and describe the differences between vegetation types.

 I can identify simple patterns of vegetation distribution and the relationship between vegetation regions and relative location.




Climate regions

Culture is all around us

List five examples of cultural influences in Australia

Give one reason why cultural influences might be positive for people living in

A lot of cultural influences have come from the trade, tourism and
migration.. Trade brings foods and other products from different countries; tourism
and migration brings people who share their culture when they visit or
come to live. Australians who travel overseas are also tourists who bring
back elements of culture from other countries to share as well.

Read the transcript below from an interview with Mrs L. Wetheral, a woman who
migrated to Australia from Scotland in 1938, then answer the questions.

When we came here it felt very different. Mainly because it

was so hot and there were flies and it was very different from

Glasgow. But we soon settled in. We lived for a while with my
Aunt and Uncle Bertram, until Dad had found a job shovelling
coal in the power station. Then we got a house in Graceville and
my sisters and I settled into school and in lots of ways it was just
like Scotland. There was a bit more food and lots more meat.
Mainly mutton and beef, and Ma said there were more fresh
veges than back home. But we could still buy oats. We still had
our porridge in the mornings in winter.
After the war we got Greek neighbours and that was when I
tried some very different foods like souvlaki and baklava, which
I really love. And Mr Kalikates played a balalaika, which is
a beautiful instrument. I remember him sitting with us, and
having us in stitches with his stories about life in Greece. It
sounded really exotic. I even went to a dance with his son. We
all got into a circle and linked arms and kicked our feet. I loved
it. Mikos was the son’s name. He was very handsome and a lot of
fun but back in my day I couldn’t have married a Greek boy.
Our other neighbours on the street are really interesting too.
There are so many different faces and types of dress. Every
evening there are people sitting out on their verandas chatting
in different languages, and their children playing football in
the street. I notice there are multicultural festivals in the parks
and things like that now too. I think it’s wonderful. My children
think it’s wonderful too, because they have friends from so many
different countries.

a) Which country did Mrs Wetheral come to Australia from?

b) Name one similarity and one difference that Mrs Wetheral found, between her home
country and Australia.

c) What different cultures has she been exposed to through food?

d) Besides food, in what other ways did Mrs Wetheral experience other cultures?

e)  How do you think Mrs Wetheral felt about the changes?

Multiculturalism is when several cultures co-exist together within one society.
People from different countries are able to preserve their own cultural backgrounds
whilst being welcomed and accepted into a country such as Australia.

 Give two to three benefits of having a multicultural society?

Culture can change places.
People from different cultural backgrounds often
build or open businesses to establish a sense of
belonging. This is commonly seen in the building
of places of worship, restaurants or shops.

3. Complete the table below by providing two examples of the cultural influences of migrant groups that you have experienced.

Two examples from the Brisbane area are provided
for you.
Place: building or business              Place of origin: cultural influence
Villa Maria — Restaurant                                       El Salvador — Spanish-South American
                                                                                                                          food, pottery, art

Sikh temple on the hill near my house                              India — religion and culture

Natural Disasters

Alaska Residents Prepare for Possible Eruption

What was the natural disaster discussed in the video?

What was the danger?

How were people preparing?

Was there any other interesting information?

Brochure — Summary of tables explaining the JMA seismic intensity scale

What is the document for?

How does it help people stay safe during a natural disaster?

What would a Scale 4 earthquake look like according to this document?

What action should you take in a Scale 6 earthquake?

Volcano alert levels in volcanic forecasts/warnings

What is the document for?

How does it help people stay safe during a natural disaster?

Who are the people who need to take note of these warnings?

If there was a level 3 warning, what do people need to do?

Where was the volcano and what country was affected?

Why did the airlines cancel flights?

What do you think would happen if the flights weren’t cancelled?

How did the Royal Flying Doctors plane fly during this time?

Asia & Australia

What is a continent

Australia has many strong connections to Asia. A connection is a link or a
tie between people or between people and places. The connections that
Australia has to Asia are because people, goods and ideas pass between
the two continents. For example, many Australian tourists travel to Asia,
and many Asian tourists travel to Australia.

Write five questions you would like to know the answer to, in relation to, the connections between Australia and Asia.

Map showing distance from Brisbane to other major cities

a) Which continent is Australia’s closest neighbour?

b) Name the four closest cities to Brisbane shown on the map, and the countries that
they are in. Use an atlas to help you if necessary.

c) Based on this map, which continent would you expect Australia to have the most
connection with? Why?

Australia & Asia

Dictionary Definitions

1a)global            1b)connection
1c) place             1d)perception

2) Which of the following are examples of connections between Australia and the world?

trade,  tourism,  aid,  migration,
music,  ideas,  beliefs,  television

3) Inquiry Process

Rank the following steps in the inquiry process below from 1 – 5

(1 is the first step in the process).

analyse data
draw conclusions
gather data
make recommendations
respond to findings

4) Map of Asia

4a) Write the names of the missing Asian countries on the screen – (not the blog)

Map of Asia