Term 2 2017

Group 2 – 17+

Term 1 2017

Homework Tasks – Group 1

(Everyone else)

(Tobes, Abs, Jayjay, Teegs, Duke-Man, CC)

Toby – Maths Ext

# Criteria sheet -top left hand corner for each task

# Neat work

# Answer all the dot points

# Title for each task

# Reading every night(book/Studyladder)    # Spellcity


Term 4 2016

Project Based Learning Tasks

PBL Task 11 – Production Manager

Image result for percussion instruments

PBL Task 10 – Graphic Artist

Examples of work


Term 3 2016

PBL – Project Based Learning Tasks

PBL Task 9 – Investigative JournalistAssessment Rubric

Celebrations around the world, Celebration Rubric- Task 8

PBL Task 7, Birth Certificate Examples

PBL Task 6, PBL 6 Assessment Rubric

Resources PBL 6 Japan Guide, Japan, Japan – The Official Guide, KidsWeb – Japan

PBL Task 5

Green Group – learning to meet criteria


Term 2 2016

This term we will have two homework groups.  One called PBL (Project Based Learning) and the other Yellow Group

PBL Task 4, PBL 4 Rubric

PBL Task 3PBL 3 Assessment Rubic

Yellow 1-20Yellow 21 -40

PBL Group

PBL Task 1PBL Task 2PBL 2 – Assessment Rubic

                             PBL Students – Lara, Jordan.H, Keenan, Uliana, Jess, Eli, Georgia, Cooper, Kira

Project Based Learning – see Showbie AJ7TC: everyone is welcome to view this work but you need to be invited by Ms Johnson to completed these tasks.

_________________Next Invitations for PBL will be Week 3_______________

Yellow Group – same set up and expectations as Term 1 tasks

TERM 1 2016

What am I looking for?

1) Neat work    2) Well set out    3) Completion of task   4) Extra effort

Class dojo Homework Points

Level 3Exceptional standard of homework  / More than 3 tasks completed

Level 2Very good homework  

Level 1Appropriate standard

HMWK Checklist

RED Tasks


    • wrighting taskes? – are you using another language Jordyn?
      If you mean ‘writing tasks’ – yes!

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