Week 5

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Stunning beaches and tourist-filled coastal towns are some of Australia’s most important assets. 


Imagine that you are holidaying in a coastal town.

1. In what way will your visit have an impact on the town?

2. Consider both the costs and benefits of your visit from the perspective of local residents.

Challenge Question:   How do seasonal fluctuations in population affect these coastal communities?

Week 4

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Tasks for Non – Naplan 1.  Printing Press Narrative: create a flyer explaining how to get quality writing in this genre(save to usb and email Miss Robyn)

2. Journey Planner – Applying your skills in understanding a timetable

3. Pandora’s Box questions + Comment on other student blogs

Non Naplan  students –  homework to be completed by 15th May.       Assistance in the use of Prezi will be available to you this week!

Pandora’s Box

PANDORA was the very first woman who was formed out of clay by the gods. 

The Titan Prometheus had originally been assigned with the task of creating man. But because he was displeased with their lot, stole fire from heaven. Zeus was angered, and commanded Hephaistos and the other gods to create a woman, Pandora, and endow her with the beauty and cunning. He then delivered her to Epimetheus, the foolish younger brother of Prometheus, for a bride.

Greek Gods  Pandora’s Box  Pandora’s Box v2  Venn Diagram  Writing Task


Pandora's Box1.    What is in the box?         2. Who opened it? Why?        3. What is the moral of this myth?

4.  Could a suitable title have been Pandora’s Jar? Why/Why not?

Play Script – Pandora’s Box

Week 3

Blog Challenge – Explain how to achieve quality work in Narrative Writing Printing Press

 Abandoned House Finish the story Comic Strip
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Non-Naplan student homework: Create a Prezi about learning in our multiage environment

How do we learn?, What do we learn?  Computer Technology, WALT,WILF, Blogs, Group work, Discussions etc  Due: 15th May

Term 2 Learning Goal WIKI – scroll down to the wiki click Term 2 Goals = Discussion.


ANZAC Spirit

3D Gallipoli Story – please view this prior to returning to class

Please make a comment or ask a question once you have watched this story.

Below is a song about the experiences of an itinerant Australian who volunteered as a soldier in the First World War, took part in the Suvla Bay landing and lost both legs in the Gallipoli campaign. It was composed and performed by Australian singer Eric Bogle, and was probably recorded in 1980.  

And the band played Waltzing Matilda   Lest We Forget

  • Discuss the use of a symbol of Australian patriotism, the song Waltzing Matilda, as a counterpoint to lyrics about sailing to Gallipoli, burying the dead at Gallipoli, being wounded, landing back in Sydney and questioning the commemoration of war in Anzac Day marches.
  • Discuss how the song identifies the level of Turkish preparedness on the Gallipoli Peninsula.
  • Your task:
  • Bring our school ANZAC ceremony to life.
  • Please apply for a job by submitting a comment on the blog – why you are best suited to this position.
  • Photography: (skills in capturing the moment)
  • Video: (steady hand, pan, wide shot, edit)
  • News cast + Roving Reporters: (public speaking skills required)
  • Script writers: (detailed knowledge of history, very high ability in writing)
  • Props (ability in visual arts)

Further criteria will follow after negotiation with 6/7J students