English Skills

Learning Intention

This week we are going to learn English skills which will help us to improve our reading, writing and spelling.

Success Criteria – you will know you have been successful when you can:

#  Identify and write words ending in ‘gue.’

# Accurately spell the list words of your choosing.

# Identify the correct meaning for each homophone.

# Think of synonyms for particular words.

# List 5 prepositional words.

# Identify the 3 uses for apostrophes.

Phonic Focus – ‘gue’

Spelling Words

List 1                                 List 2                            List 3

straight                              although                    aisle

afraid                                knowledge                  curiosity

early                                 ordinary                        terrific


Focus words – rode, rowed, road


Focus words – blend, busy, courage


Grammarpolis – Prepositions

Studyladder – Prepositions


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