Term 4 Week 8


Your thoughts on the Gami question?



*Comic Strip – Peaceful in the Playground

*ibook – Peaceful Playground at EHSS

*Blog Post – Peaceful Playground Ideas

*Prezi – How to create a Peaceful Playground 

*Powerpoint – Rules for a Peaceful Playground

*Design a Digital Peaceful Playground Poster (image/quote

Make sure you write a comment and let everyone know what you have completed via comments.


Not everyone enjoys playtime…..


One person can make a difference

Term 4 Week 3


Spelling City Assignment

Eng 1 Tasks –

#Anagramarama: Carnelian = brunette, Adventurine = stationary ,  Moonstone = student

#Spelling City Assignment, #Handwriting, #WTW – Word sort

#Blog Vocabulary, #Selfie + Text/Frame,

Post to your Blog

Biography notes – Anne Frank,

Letter to Anne Frank – draft it first, then publish it using the Letter Generator

Vocabulary: Define, Grammar, Antonym, Word Origin

1) mounted     2) contingent    3) scolded    4) ludicrous  5) incessant

Thought of the Week


Reflection –

a) What is one thing that you are going to step up and take responsibility for improving this week?

b) How are you going to achieve it?

Term Four Week 2


hSpelling City Assignment
      Maths Concepts

Eng 1 Tasks – Anagramarama: Attendance, #Spelling City Assignment, Read Poetry, #Create a Shape Poem (Publish to your blog, Blog Vocabulary, #Selfie + Text/Frame, Handwriting, #WTW Focus Word: Carnelian=orbit, Adventurine=amuse,  Moonstone=silent, #WTW – Wort Sort

Vocabulary: Define, Grammar, Antonym, Word Origin

1) explicit     2) quality    3) excel    4) diligent

Shape Poetry


Thought of the Week

Homework is now available – due 30th October





Term 4 Week One

         Poetry Terms        Poetry Quiz        SpellCity Assignment
         Einstein Puzzles      Algebra Puzzles              Logic Puzzles
       Roman Numerals       Shape Poetry       Theme Poem Interactive

Adventure Shape Poems  & Concrete or Visual Poetry Examples

Eng 1 Check List

A)  Anagramarama (vacation)    B)  Selfie + App smashing (frame+text)  C ) Blog entry (Term 4 Goals)  D) Peer Interview  E) Handwriting

 F) Reflections (Sticky Notes)  G) Map of Class   H) SpellCity Assignment   I) Vocabulary of the Week

J) Thought of the week

Vocabulary of the Week – Define + Sentence

1) vacation   2) vivacious    3) predicament    4) fiesta 


Thought of the Week

1) In what ways do you treat people with respect?        2) Are there any ways in which you don’t?

3) What happens when people are treated with respect?   4) How about when they are not treated with respect?

5) Who is the most respectful person you know?  6) What makes them that way?

Homework will be available Wednesday 8th October

Time to Celebrate – Term 4 Week 3 TBA

Term 3 Week 10 – Wohoo!


ENG 1 Tasks

Poetry Vocabulary

1) grasp    2) curse   3) strict   4) fleece  5) swag

Extension- Explain the meaning  

6) blue bellied joe  7) beaten by a blow


Click go the shears - questions 1-6

Waltzing Matilda – Question 1-9 see Chelsea


Reflections about Performing Arts Day – comments on this post

Highlights of Term 3 - comments to this post

Learning Goals under review - Wiki pages (did you meet your Term 3 goal? How?)


Blog Challenge - Take a photo of your fire/Ice shirt: use aviary to frame and add text.

 Upload as a post to your blog.

Term 3 Week 9




News Article Biography
Autobiography  Lyrics

Vocabulary: Your interpretation of the authors meaning:

1) Are you really disappearing?    2) Is it standing by your mate?    3) Fair Dinkum  4)  Can you bear the load?

Ballad Thoughts

1a) When you listen to the words – what do you think of?   1b) In the tribute to Steve Irwin what links can you make to the Emu Gully Philosophy?

1c) Explain how this ballad and ‘Mate-ship’ fit together?

Camp Reflection

Our philosophy is that your success in life, whether personally or corporately, will be based primarily on your character.

 That is; “The real you” and the way you handle the circumstances of life, whether they be good or bad.

a) Favourite memory from camp?  b) Best activity   c) What does ‘Mateship’ mean to you now? d) Your thoughts on the Emu Gully Philosophy & how it relates to you.

                                                                                                                      Quote of the Week

                                                                                                                 1) What is the author trying to say?

1) What is the author trying to say?


Term 3 Week 8

I Still Australia Home – Lyrics

Peter Allen – Biography

Have a great time on camp Year 7 – What are you most looking forward to?

Our philosophy is that your success in life, whether personally or corporately, will be based primarily on your character.

That is; “The real you” and the way you handle the circumstances of life, whether they be good or bad.

ANZAC Theme       Photo Gallery

Term 3 Week 7

Homework Term 3 Task 10 :  Week 7-9 now available

Speeches – Wednesday 27th  & Thursday  28th August


    S.Dusty Biography        Lyrics  History of “TMC’
   Australian Museum     Museum Vault       Artefacts
        Mathletics     StudyLadder      SpellCity
  Shakespeare BTS        Sonnets  Analysis of Sonnet

Ballads: Writing TipsAnalysis of a Ballad

Sonnets: Writing Tips

Vocabulary: Definition/Synonyms and Antonyms/Grammatical Category

1) bustle    2) drone   3) punter  4) yarding   5) shedding


a) sonnet   b) quatrain   c) couplet  

Quote of the Week

Write your own quote

Write your own quote

Come, Learn & Understand – Contemporary Style!